Slate of candidates is set for May 7 municipal primaries

click here List released by LaPorte County Clerk Kathy Chroback 

With the filing deadline having passed on Feb. 8, below is the finalized list of candidates in the May 7, 2019, municipal primary elections. ( order now Exception: The deadline for candidates to file in the small towns — LaCrosse, Long Beach, Trail Creek, Wanatah, and Westville — is Aug. 1 since they do not have primaries. The candidates who have filed so far for those town elections are at the end of the list below.)

If not already registered, voters may register to vote for the May 7 primary between now and April 8. Register at your local bureau of motor vehicles or at

Here are the candidates who filed as of Feb. 8 at noon:

buy now LaPorte city primary

click here Mayor

Tom Dermody (R)

Tim Stabosz (R)

Matt Wilhelm (D)

buy now Clerk-Treasurer    

Courtney Parthun (R)

Geoff Sellers (R)

City Council At-Large

Paul Vincent (R)

Joseph “Joe” Mrozinske (D)

Tim Franke (R)

Mike Conner (R)

1st Ward City Council

Suzanne Miller (R)

Julie West Schroeder (R)

David Schmitt (D)

2nd Ward City Council

Karyl Machek-Feikes (R)

3rd Ward City Council

Laura Cutler (D)

Elizbieta “Ela” Bilderback (R)

Rebecca Bockhorst (R)

Cary Kirkham (R)

4th Ward City Council

Roger Galloway (R)

5th Ward City Council

Miles Fettinger (D)

Larry Pinkerton (R)

Sarah Brown (R)

Michigan City primary


Ron Meer (D)

Robert Lonie (R)

Duane Parry (R)

Virginia Martin (D)

Clifford Thatcher Jr. (D)


Gale Neulieb (D)

1st Ward Common Council

Bryant Dabney (D)

2nd Ward Common Council

Kathryn Stransky (D)

Michael Gresham (D)

Paul Przybylinski (D)

3rd Ward Common Council

Laurel Izard (D)

Keith Devereaux (R)

Alonzo Rupert (D)

Michael Mack (D)

Chad Childers (D)

4th Ward Common Council

Beth Pishkur (D)

Sean “Fitz” Fitzpatrick (D)

5th Ward Common Council

Tracie Tillman (D)

Nathan Patrick (R)

6th Ward Common Council

Gene Simmons (D)

Common Council At-Large

Dalia Zygas (D)

William “Billy” Greene III (R)

Johnny Stimley (D)

Damon Carnes (D)

Donald Przybylinski (D)

Angie Nelson Deuitch (D)

Bruce Wren (D)

Kingsford Heights Primary


Alivia Fox (D)

Mailaika Beaty (D)

Duane Arndt (D)

1st Ward Town Council

Terry Beane Sr. (D)

Brian Nurnberg (D)

2nd Ward Town Council

Kari Moss (D)

Charlotte Knowlton (D)

3rd Ward Town Council

Dennis Francis (D)

Lauri Enochs (D)

Renee Wiltfong (D)

4th Ward Town Council

Jeana Blake (D)

Joe Atkinson Sr. (D)

Kenneth Watts (D)

Earl Cole (D)

Ann McChristian (D)

5th Ward Town Council

Evelyn Ballinger (D)

Jerry Hunt (D)


SMALL TOWN ELECTIONS (deadline to file is Aug. 1 since no primaries involved; these are candidates who have filed as of Feb. 8)



Kelly (Hucker) Kiel (R)

Town Council At-Large

Justin Kiel (R)

Rodney Cox Jr. (R)

Long Beach 


Bill De Funiak (R)

Rick Blank (R)

Trail Creek

Town Council At-Large

Deborah Neumaier (R)

Scott Silcox (D)



Denise Ebert (R)



Lori Mercer (D)

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  1. Bob Afett

    Jan 13. 2019

    If MC re-elects Meer, I feel sorry for them.

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  2. Jodi Dials

    Feb 11. 2019

    I wish all of the candidates good luck.

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