Two men. Two cameras. Ice wars. It’s ugly. order now WNLP photos (above) by Mike Kellems

Several days back WNLP posted some of Bob Wellinski’s photos of the icy local landscape (scroll down to see them below). Then Mike Kellems, Bob’s friend since childhood and rival in lens lengths, sent us this tongue-in-cheek message a few days ago in response:

“(Editor’s substitute word: Doggone) Wellinski and his ice pictures! You can’t beat these! I could outshoot Bob with one hand tied behind my back and with an infected hangnail on my shutter release trigger finger! Wellinski is an overrated hack! I’ve forgotten more about photography than he will ever know!

Humbly yours, MK”

Thanks for that message of friendly rivalry, Mike! Here are Mike’s above and Bob’s below. No voting, please. WNLP appreciates both of these guys’ talents. We don’t want to make them mad; Lord knows what might happen.

buy now WNLP photos (below) by Bob Wellinski

Hopefully you haven’t had to do the Watusi to maintain your balance on an icy sidewalk or driveway. On the minus side, we’ve endured just about every winter experience in the past few weeks: polar vortex, whiteouts, dense fog, winds, sleet, ice. On the plus side, we’re still here and the days are getting longer. And as always, photographer Wellinski finds the beauty in it all:

4 Responses to “Two men. Two cameras. Ice wars. It’s ugly.”

  1. Bob W

    Feb 18. 2019

    OK Mike… You and I… Canon vs Nikon… 70-200mm at 20 paces.
    I’ll even bring the mac and cheese.

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  2. Mike Kellems

    Feb 19. 2019

    I love a good challenge! You’re on!

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  3. Myrna Harder

    Feb 21. 2019

    You make our lives so much more fun with your photos. Your challenge brought out the BEST! Thanks

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  4. Julie Kessler

    Feb 23. 2019

    Too fun! We demand a rematch: Soringtime Shutters!

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