The McFerrons bid greetings from sunny … and warm … Arizona?

Native LaPortean Mike McFerron and his wife, Jen, moved to Prescott, AZ, from LaPorte. They wanted to escape our winters. To that, Mother Nature said, “Ha!”

Here’s the message Mike sent WNLP on Feb. 22, 2019, along with the photos above:

“Hi guys – I’m a regular reader of WNLP. I grew up in LaPorte and lived there for 45 years. My wife, Jen, and I are now living in Prescott. I’ve attached some photos of our property (taken 2/22/19 morning) – not exactly the weather we were hoping for!”

WNLP asked Mike how Prescott is handling the 20-plus inches of snow it received:

There are a limited number of plows (very limited). The worst part is the drivers who aren’t used to driving in snowy conditions. We live in a golf community about 20 minutes north of downtown Prescott. Our community is totally shut down – as our roads are private – and we don’t have any snow removal equipment at all. Fortunately, we have a large pantry, good supply of beverages, and many good friends within walking distance!

“I haven’t owned a snow shovel since 2010 – which doesn’t look too bright about now!

“Keep up the great work – I love your website. Cheers, Mike McFerron

We offered to overnight a shovel to Mike for only 3 times its normal price. No response on that.

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  1. Gail Johnson

    Feb 24. 2019

    We miss you, Neighbors!!! Stay safe.

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