Deputies, quadruped and biped, make 2 big drug-related arrests on U.S. 20

Deputies Bosco and Wade Wallace deserve to grin proudly as they pose with the $144,200 in drug money they discovered in a vehicle traveling on U.S. 20. It’s one of the largest such seizures ever made by the sheriff’s office.


order now Information from LaPorte County Sheriff’s order now Office

Hope there are plenty of Milk Bones on hand at the sheriff’s office. Canine Deputies Bosco and Hokie helped their human counterparts in two drug-related arrests on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, along U.S. 20, the sheriff’s office announced Feb. 28.

In arrest situation 1:

C. Milby

“At approximately 1:03 a.m., Deputy Austin Wells initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle just east of Ind. 39. After Deputy Wells made contact with the three occupants of the vehicle, he summoned a K-9 to the scene. Deputy Andrew Hahn and his K-9 partner Hokie arrived and conducted an investigation, resulting in several drugs, and items associated with dealing drugs, being located.

“All three occupants were arrested and transported to the LaPorte County Jail.  The driver, Robert Grimm, 22, of Crown Point, was arrested for Dealing in Methamphetamine, a Level 2 Felony, Possession of a Controlled Substance, an A Misdemeanor, and Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Ever Receiving a License, a C Misdemeanor. ($50,000 bond.) A passenger, Courtney Milby, 21, of Crown Point, was arrested for Dealing in Methamphetamine, a Level 2 Felony, Unlawful Possession of a Syringe, a Level 6 Felony, and Possession

L. Milby

of a Narcotic Drug, a Level 6 Felony. ($50,000 bond.) A second passenger, Lauren Milby, 20, of Crown Point, was arrested for Identity Deception, a Level 6 Felony. ($755 bond.) All three remain housed in the jail.

Arrest situation 2:

“Later that day at approximately 2:50 p.m., Deputy Wade Wallace initiated a traffic stop on a passenger vehicle on U.S. 20, just west of CR 350 East. Deputy Wallace talked to the driver, then summoned a K-9 to the scene. Deputy Jon Samuelson and his K-9 partner Bosco arrived and conducted an investigation leading to the discovery of five square-shaped bundles. The bundles were transported to the sheriff’s office for further examination. The driver, Alberto Rosales, was arrested and transported to the LaPorte County Jail after it was determined he was a wanted person through Elkhart County, Indiana.


“In a controlled environment, the five bundles were opened and determined to be various denominations of U.S. currency.  The monies were tallied and resulted in the seizure of $144,200. Because the seized monies are associated with the drug trafficking industry, Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA) were contacted to assist.  The $144,200 seizure ranks as one of the largest seizures ever in LaPorte County by law enforcement.

“Since the seizure, the sheriff’s office, the DEA and La Porte County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office have been working together completing the forfeiture paperwork. The seizure investigation is ongoing and no further information will be released. On Feb. 25, Rosales was released from the LaPorte County Jail.

“’Recently, the Sheriff’s Office Administration has encouraged and reminded deputies within the Patrol Division to remain proactive, aggressive and to utilize the tools and resources that are readily made available to them,’ said Captain Derek J. Allen. ‘A concerted effort of enforcement is being made on the major roadways in LaPorte County that is known to be involved in the drug and trafficking industry. Deputies remain committed to holding individuals accountable who traffic drugs, large amount of monies associated with drug trade and firearms into and through LaPorte County.’”

9 Responses to “Deputies, quadruped and biped, make 2 big drug-related arrests on U.S. 20”

  1. Tracy G

    Feb 28. 2019

    I CANNOT EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE FOR OUR OFFICERS FOR MAKING THESE ARREST! I am so sick of what is being brought into our county and harming our children. Maybe if the word gets out, that our deputies and officers have gone “Maricopa county Sheriff” on our county, they will keep their sleezy, nasty a** out of our town!!

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    • Judge Roy Bean

      Mar 01. 2019

      I couldn’t agree more Tracy.
      WAY TO GO!!! Hats off to the LP Sheriffs Dept. for the great work they did in getting these drugs and dealers off our streets. I love reading these stories when the good guy wins.
      Hopefully this seized money will be put to good use.
      Well done Guys!!!

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  2. Fred

    Mar 01. 2019


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  3. NamVet

    Mar 01. 2019

    Good work Sheriff’s Officers…..quite a Rogues Gallery on display.

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  4. Beaker

    Mar 01. 2019

    So, just what in “Arrest Situation 2” led officers to believe that “seized monies are associated with the drug trafficking industry”? No where does it state that drugs or anything related to drugs was found. Just bundles of cash.
    Even if he was wanted in Elkhart for drug related charges does that mean that $144K was drug money? Odds are it is.
    So, every one driving around with bundles of cash is a drug dealer? Just saying, innocent until proven guilty, right?

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    • Mike

      Mar 02. 2019

      “Beaker” I’m guessing that since the DEA and the Prosecutor’s Office are involved, there must be not only a legitimate reason but also a sound legal grounds for the seizure.

      And, yes, everyone has the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. That doesn’t mean that the police cannot make an arrest when they have probable cause to believe a crime has been committed.

      Your questions are reasonable until the last line… suppose it is a drunk driver, wife beater or any other criminal violation? Should the police simply let them go after their crime because they are considered innocent until prove guilty?

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    • Jerry

      Mar 06. 2019

      Often drug money will have drug residue on it. Maybe the dog sniffed out the money because of the drug residue?

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  5. Wagclan

    Mar 03. 2019

    These officers like fire fighters, and those in the service put their lives on the line to protect us every day on every stop! Thanks to each and every one of you! Unfortunately, it will take more than just these stops to fight the war on drugs, but we must be the support and not negate what these officers are trying to accomplish. Let’s stay positive.

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  6. Ashley

    Mar 04. 2019

    I love how proud Bosco looks! Such a good boy!! Good job Bosco and Dep. Wallace!!

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