“Dusting” of snow shuts I-94, makes a mess of things Sunday

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On Sunday morning, as is my routine upon waking, I tuned into Channel 7 in Chicago just in time to hear the well-seasoned meteorologist say that “we” would only be getting a “dusting” of snow, if that.

I went into church at 10 a.m. without a flake of snow on the ground. I walked out an hour later to a mini-blizzard.

Out in my neck of the woods, known as Swedish Hills for reasons that I’ll never understand as all of my neighbors are Italian, three inches fell in a little over four hours.

Other areas of the county received more than that. Snow bands caused several crashes on I-94 (see photos 2 through 5  below), prompting a closure of the eastbound lanes between U.S. 421 and U.S. 35 for a couple of hours. Coolspring firefighters responded to several crashes, however no serious injuries were reported. The Indiana Toll Road was also treacherous; the first photo below shows a jackknifed semi in the median. Crashes also occurred in many other portions of northern LaPorte County. 

Just to pour salt into our wide open winter wounds, this week, according to the weatherman, is starting off below zero. Don’t suppose he’d be wrong about that?

So March came in like a lion. It had better go out like a lamb or I’m filing a grievance with the union!  

For those keeping score, Ch. 7 weatherman 0, Mother Nature 1.

In a quieter scene, Tom Wells makes quick work of the 3 inches of snow in his driveway.

5 Responses to ““Dusting” of snow shuts I-94, makes a mess of things Sunday”

  1. Anita M. Way

    Mar 04. 2019

    Ditto here! I opted to take Hoder Road from church in Three Oaks, MI on Sunday instead of going I-94 to Highway 39 south. That was better because it did not have the traffic. In this case, my suspicions paid off. Highway 39 was not great either going to La Porte. At the Highway 20 & 39 crossing, a car skated through our green light coming from the South Bend direction and I missed a collision by the hair of my Guardian Angel! No lie! Snow and ice could have made this a very tragic day if I wasn’t being watched by God Himself!

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  2. NamVet

    Mar 04. 2019

    Sometimes you have to cut the weatherman some slack….for the most part they are pretty spot on….There is a classic Mark Twain quotation about the weather that I have used for years. Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. …Sooooooooo I say “don’t complain” and just be glad that you are still alive and get out and enjoy our very changeable and unpredictable NW Indiana weather!

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  3. Andrew Serafin

    Mar 05. 2019

    In Singapore just now with temps in the high eighties. A city of uncommon beauty

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  4. Lynn Lisarelli

    Mar 05. 2019

    You know people, you just HAVE to be careful if you find yourself out in unexpected weather like this. Be especially careful at intersections as those driving too fast for road conditions don’t care about stop lights, so when it turns green for you, just pause a moment before going forward and look both ways first.

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