Thursday: Clouds, wind, 60s, rain, sun, rain, hail, 40s, sun, wind

Nothing to see here. Just another day in March in LaPorte County.   

WNLP contributor Shannon Woods took the first photo above: “I spotted this hail covering the sidewalk by the high school … it looked a little cosmic!”

Bob Wellinski took the rest of the photos: “I was watching a storm cell as it moved across Lake and Porter counties. So I wandered down CR-500W and was greeted with heavy rain and hail along with strong winds. Everything disappeared as the storm passed over. The rest of the photos show the aftermath of the storm, including flooding in downtown LaPorte and hail-covered streets and lawns.” And one spring robin looking around and wondering, “What the hail?”

2 Responses to “Thursday: Clouds, wind, 60s, rain, sun, rain, hail, 40s, sun, wind”

  1. Mike

    Mar 15. 2019

    So… nothing special here…just another typical day in La Porte County…

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  2. Ayepee Daily

    Mar 15. 2019

    Sure looks cold. Do like I did and move!!!!!!!

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