LaPorte Fire Department to offer free CPR classes throughout 2019

The LaPorte Fire Department will be holding free CPR classes for the public in March through December 2019. Each is a one-session class to obtain CPR certification. The classes will take place in the basement of Fire Station 1, 809 W. 18th St. All classes are Heartsaver CPR (adult, child, infant).

The fire department can also schedule a Basic Life Support class for 6+ people by request. Skills test outs can be done by appointment after the online portion of the class has been completed.

Cost has been covered through a grant from The LaPorte Healthcare Foundation.

Please send an email to to make a reservation or with any questions.

Dates and times of scheduled classes:

March 19, 7 PM

April 1, 8 AM

May 5, 8 AM

June 28, 4 PM

July 23, 4 PM

Aug. 7, 9 AM

Aug. 25, 8 AM

Sept. 17, 5 PM

Nov. 12, 3 PM

Dec. 2, 8 AM

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