Stabosz: I will take no corporate or PAC contributions


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Timothy Stabosz, Republican candidate for Mayor of LaPorte,  declared that his campaign committee, Citizens for Stabosz, will refuse all contributions from corporations, political action committees, labor organizations, or any other special interest groups. Stabosz said the committee will only accept donations from individuals, and will not accept any contribution greater than $100 (even though state law provides for no maximum).   

Stabosz stated, “It has always been very distasteful to me to see how the influence racket works, with various contractors, engineering firms, lawyers, financial advisors, and other entities falling over themselves to donate not to the candidate they honestly believe in in a race, but to ALL candidates in that race. They do this in order to curry favor and as a means of seeking to buy their way in the door of city government, regardless of who is elected! While it may be legal, I find such a system to be inherently corrosive to healthy governing and undermining of candidate integrity. I refuse to participate in this kind of politics and the appearance of impropriety it creates. I will not allow my campaign to portray itself as some kind of club that those who are willing to pay the price of admission can get into. I feel the proper and moral way for me to present my campaign for mayor is as a citizens’ movement that is not about pay-to-play, but is about a set of ideas and beliefs that seek to advance what is best for the city and its people, no matter what. It is founded in respect for public service as a noble calling,” he said.  

Stabosz continued, “While it may disadvantage my fundraising, I choose to hold myself to a higher standard of integrity, honest dealing, fair play and openness, so that the public can have full confidence in me.  With this in mind, my Facebook page, Stabosz for Mayor, becomes a key focal point for my campaign,” he said.

“One of the things I have clearly shown in my service on the City Council is my independence,” he said. “I have declined to kowtow to the influential or the powerful, merely because of who they are, and I am willing to pay the price for that choice. It is important that the public can have a sense that an elected official is 100% working for them, thinking for himself, and doing what is right, and not subject to inducements from the pay-to-play crowd the day he walks in the door.

“I believe in the importance of transparency and accountability.  I will not compromise the dignity of my campaign by having it be in any way funded by entities that seek to do business with the city. Similarly, by limiting individual contributions to $100, the maximum amount I will accept is small enough to ensure that no one could ever argue that someone possesses undue influence over me.”

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