Kesling Park fitness court gets its first workouts

A participant receives some instruction on the proper use of equipment at one station.

Under the watchful eye of Tom “Mr. Zumba” Coe, these athletes run in place.

Mayor Mark Krentz and Healthcare Foundation President/CEO Maria Fruth cut the ribbon.

A couple of LaPorte’s finest tone their cores.

Bars for pull-ups are available, too.

How about some planking?

The competition between firefighters and police was indeed friendly.

Participants do some jumps.

This firefighter is either very disciplined or he’s praying for the competition to end quickly.

WNLP photos by Mike Kellems

A healthy group in more ways than one tried out the new Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte Fitness Court as it officially opened in Kesling Park Friday afternoon, April 12, 2019. Police officers and firefighters joined the opening with some friendly competitions and other fit-minded citizens also tried out the court. Mayor Mark Krentz and LaPorte Healthcare Foundation President Maria Fruth cut the ribbon for the outdoor facility, made possible by a grant from the healthcare foundation.

The free facility, open to the community for people of all fitness levels, is an outdoor bodyweight circuit training gym, featuring all-level workouts that can be completed in as little as 7 minutes a day. The City of LaPorte is one of only 100 communities selected in 2018 to install this state-of-the-art facility.

Participants can download the Fitness Court app (for Apple and android) at to learn how to effectively use each station at the court to do sit ups, crunches, jumps, planking, rings, running exercises, and more. The app also assists athletes in developing their workout routines and challenges their performances.

The new fitness court is thanks to a partnership between the LaPorte Park and Recreation Department, the National Fitness Campaign and the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte. The NFC’s goal is to make world-class fitness free and accessible in beautiful public spaces across the country.

5 Responses to “Kesling Park fitness court gets its first workouts”

  1. Chuka

    Mar 28. 2019

    What a great addition to Kesling Park. Thanks Healthcare Foundation and Park Department for caring and providing new, free fitness opportunities for our town!

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  2. Steve

    Mar 30. 2019

    What a great addition to our community! This is the 1st time I have heard about this…but great job to LP Park Dept. And Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte!

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  3. Veronica HIDALGO

    Apr 11. 2019

    do we know the name of the app

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  4. Bill Gangwer

    Apr 12. 2019

    Thank you so much to the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte and our Park/Rec Department for this wonderful addition to our park system. Our community has such an abundant opportunity to maintain and improve their health/well-being. I know our Summer Physical Education Program at LPHS will integrate this as a part of our activity schedule.

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