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WNLP is excited to share some of Joel Shannon’s drone shots from his intriguing new business, CloudCam Photography. Joel’s shots can capture community events and projects, business aerials and more. He has agreed to share some of his aerial photos with WNLP, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Joel Shannon

Above are recent aerial photos of the Pine Lake overpass project in LaPorte. “These photos were specifically taken between 150 and 200 feet altitude. I rarely take any pictures at the legal limit of 400 feet. Everyone just looks like ants at that point,” he told WNLP.

“I work as a licensed Remote Pilot in Command with my wife, who is my Visual Observer, and we both enjoy seeing new places from interesting perspectives.”

Joel is an FAA Part 107 licensed drone operator and all of his projects are 100% insured.

I became interested in flying drones about four years ago when companies like DJI and Parrot were first becoming household names,” he said. “These products have since become more affordable, more reliable, more available, easier to operate, and the FAA has really streamlined its regulations and licensing procedures.

“As a former aviation school student, I enjoy flying planes but I enjoy flying drones even more. As expensive as drones are, they’re still significantly cheaper than flying airplanes. Drones give you a unique aspect of the world we live in and have so many valuable uses. Crop inspection software lets you create a preplanned autonomous flight path, then evaluates dozens of images based on color grades to ensure healthy plant growth. Construction inspection / planning software is similar but can create a highly detailed Google Earth-type 3D image of literally dozens of acres and structures accurate down to the smallest detail. Drones in general can also be used for insurance claim inspections, disaster relief planning, etc.

“With a built-in 4K camera and quality editing software, I can create cinematic videos or high quality pictures of your event or project.”

Email Joel at CloudCamPhotography@outlook.com, call (219) 575-4345, and visit:




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