At the museum: Historic WWII photography and letters, and horses

A John Bushemi photo.

Displays of famed World War II photos as well as letters that local soldiers wrote home are on display at the LaPorte County Historical Society Museum. 

On display through May 7 — The museum is hosting “One Shot: The World War II Photography of John A. Bushemi,” one of the Indiana Historical Society’s traveling exhibits. The exhibit features Bushemi’s images of American GIs in World War II invasions. He had lived and worked in Indiana for some years before the war. Bushemi, himself a GI, was killed in action in 1944.

On display through May 27 — “Letters from the Front – One Man’s Experience in Action” is a moving journey through the correspondence of a World War II soldier from LaPorte who died during the war. This touching display features WWII artifacts.

Sunday, May 5 (POSTPONED FROM APRIL 28) — Enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride from the museum to the Door Prairie Round Barn next door for the 2019 Draft Horse Plow Day (weather permitting)! In collaboration with the LaPorte County Draft Horse Association, the hours of the LaPorte County Historical Society Museum will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (regular admission applies).

For more information about any event or program, please call the LaPorte County Historical Society Museum at 219-324-6767 and visit

4 Responses to “At the museum: Historic WWII photography and letters, and horses”

  1. lawman

    Apr 15. 2019

    so sad that there are so few WWll vets left to see the pics. I had a 95 yr old marine come up to me after he saw my Vietnam hat and shook my hand and thanked me. took place in a Lafayette in. Mcdonalds. some tears on both sides.

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  2. Lynn Lisarelli

    Apr 16. 2019

    Well . . . . lawman . . . . they all do pass away sooner or later. No vet left from the Civil War either. Wars are nothing but mankind’s stupidity.

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    • tdog

      Apr 17. 2019

      Are you truly that insensitive, or just plain unpatriotic and rude?

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  3. lawman

    Apr 16. 2019

    Lynn-you didn’t tell us if Belle was still alive……….

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