Stabosz touts his vision and plan for LaPorte


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When I first announced my run for mayor in January, I knew that our city desperately needed to have a DISCUSSION about who we are, where we want to go, and what we want to be. I am proud that, as this campaign comes to a close, I have done everything I can to lead that discussion. My message is and has been an uplifting one about making LaPorte a “Quality of Life Destination.”  It has been a message about improved upkeep, beautification, and making much-needed public investment in order to attract the PRIVATE investment that will allow us to grow and flourish. If we make the city as attractive, desirable, livable, and stable as possible, we will draw the technological, artistic, creative, educated, and small business entrepreneur types. We will also attract more large corporations. In short, a mayor needs to make the climate right so that the job creators we desire will find LaPorte irresistible!  

I know I have the vision to lead us to this Holy Grail, and I am the only candidate who has laid out the specific steps I will take (my 9-point economic development plan) that will transform LaPorte, while protecting everything we love about our city.

I have lived in the city for almost 30 years, and am the only mayoral candidate with experience in city government. I know the department heads, boards and commissions, the budget, and all the ins and outs of city government. Best of all, I know economic development, and know what we need to do to “upscale” our beloved city. I truly believe I am the best man for the job, and I would greatly appreciate your support.  On or before Tuesday, May 7, please vote Tim Stabosz for Mayor of LaPorte.

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  1. Mike Lancioni

    Apr 30. 2019

    My response is the same to these Stabosz comments as a similar statement I made a couple weeks ago. Simply put, Tim Stabosz is a hypocrite and not deserving of your trust as a Mayoral candidate. To review, the comments made here by Tim regarding his top priorities are comical considering the high degree of hypocrisy demonstrated by his direct actions. Tim owns multiple properties on Indiana, Michigan and Monroe. His house on Indiana Avenue has been an eyesore in town for over 10+ years. Covered in construction house wrap with no front door and gaping holes on each side this decrepit structure has negatively impacted home values and the tax base for all neighbors. His other property a block north is a vacant lot that had no sidewalk for years, just a strip of mud. How can the citizens of LaPorte trust Tim Stabosz when he cannot even take care of his own properties? How can Tim propose a platform where his Top 3 priorities are in direct conflict with his own actions and conduct? This is the definition of a hypocrite. Tim has the resources and means to complete these repairs tomorrow, but he has left them undone for years. Let’s not forget his 3 traffic ticket and allegedly evading police issue from 5 years ago, see details here: . It is time to expose Tim and hold him accountable. Come on LaPorte….

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  2. Mike Lancioni

    Apr 30. 2019

    It is important to recall this story involving Tim Stabosz as he asks for your trust as Mayor. Is this who you want representing LaPorte?

    From Northwest Indiana Times
    Stan Maddux Times Correspondent Jan 12, 2013

    Former LaPorte councilman denies he was chased by police

    A LaPorte official admits trying to elude police and driving too fast but denies there was any chase involved.

    “I’m embarrassed by my actions, of course, but I just want to be clear that it is accurately characterized,” said Tim Stabosz, secretary of the LaPorte Historic Preservation Commission.

    Stabosz, 44, has been asked to resign from his position by Mayor Blair Milo.

    Stabosz said he is not resigning and hopes to gain support for remaining on the commission by getting his side of what he feels has been an overblown story across to city officials.

    Stabosz said he was heading back early Thursday from the theater in Michigan City.

    He wasn’t wearing a seat belt and was in the area of Monroe Street and Jefferson Avenue when he a saw police officer who seemed to be positioning himself to make a traffic stop.

    Stabosz said he had recently been ticketed three times for seat belt and parking violations and decided to take an alternate route home.

    According to police, he quickly accelerated and turned down two side streets then, while turning again to head east on Lincolnway, was traveling fast enough for his 1987 BMW to fishtail.

    Police said his car was traveling fast enough to add distance between himself and the officer trying to catch up to him.

    Stabosz, though, said he traveled only four blocks on Lincolnway and when the lights and siren on the police car were activated he immediately pulled over.

    “There was no high-speed chase,” said Stabosz, who added, “This was an effort to alter my route back home to potentially avoid a traffic stop. When the lights came on, I immediately pulled over.”

    Stabosz was ticketed for a seat belt violation, failure to yield and speeding.

    He was not arrested.

    LaPorte Police Capt. Tom Heath stopped short of saying there was a chase.

    “He didn’t flat out run, but he did try to evade from us a little bit,” Heath said.

    If Stabosz doesn’t resign, Milo said, she will ask the City Council to rescind its appointment of Stabosz to the commission.

    Stabosz said he plans to tell his side of the story more to the mayor and council members in hopes of gaining support for staying on the commission.

    “I certainly appeal to my fellow citizens for their understanding. I would like to think this doesn’t rise to the level that would call for me to resign,” Stabosz said.

    Stabosz served on the City Council from 2003 to 2006.

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  3. Lynn Lisarelli

    May 01. 2019

    Very well said, both of you. The incident under Mayor Blair Milo was a telling one because he stubbornly refused to resign when she asked for his resignation. Still voting for Dermody.

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  4. Chuka

    May 01. 2019

    Mr. Lancioni’s comments are accurate. For Mr. Stabosz to say he wants code enforcement and to clean up properties is ridiculous based on the long term, unsightly condition of all his properties, Proof positive he only wants to tell others what to do, but he is above any rules or standard norms, and takes no pride in his properties.

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  5. Tonya James

    May 01. 2019

    Didn’t he already do this like last week? Desperate times I guess…
    He doesn’t have a snowball chance…
    Dermody for mayor!

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  6. sharon dettmer

    May 01. 2019

    Same people and the same ole derogatory comments… When one purchases properties, it takes some time to make the necessary improvements. Finding contractors to do the work correctly, for example, is one such challenge. Balancing a job and the position of City Councilman at Large is yet another. I am glad he purchased the properties and has plans to improve them. In addition, he was voted into the position of Councilman again by the public, who must have realized that he is committed to the betterment of the City of La Porte. He did not choose to serve in politics on the state level. He remained here in La Porte and has a vision for the future that I personally admire. So, someone asked him to resign at some point in time and he didn’t? Good for him. He stood his ground and did not relent to the pressure.

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  7. Scott Farkus

    May 02. 2019

    Well said Mike. Thanks for posting that info showing the real Tim Stabosz.
    Quite frankly, I couldn’t vote for mayoral candidate that spews so much false information.
    Tim should wash his mouth out with Lifebuoy soap.
    LP doesn’t need this joker in office.

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  8. John Foresight

    May 02. 2019

    Mr. Stabocz…when he was defeated a couple election cycles ago, also called the entire electorate “stupid”. He is an unsightly eyesore on the council along with his properties. Sharon simply is blinded by his looooooooong service on the council, and he has done absolutely NOTHING besides hinder business, development and slow the progress. He has had numerous chances to show what kind of a blowhard he is, and he has achieved that success at the highest levels. From his “cheesy sign” comments to his refusal to obey the simplest laws, he illuminates negative energy PERIOD.

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  9. Sue Clark

    May 02. 2019

    Beware folks in the 3rd Ward. Stabosz has his female friend Ella on the ballot for a Council as a backup in case he does not get the nod for Mayor. Like this letter, he makes last minute appeals to constituents by sending out mailers bashing the other candidates, while promoting the one he is supporting. Don’t be fooled!!! Vote my brother, the best man for the job, Cary Kirkham on Tuesday May 7th

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  10. Lynn Lisarelli

    May 02. 2019

    Thank you, Sue Clark, for this inside information! Tim, you’re just sanked [sic] dead in the harbor.

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