Moments in Time, May 14

Compiled by Mary Hedge, LaPorte County Public Library

May 14, 1919 — The principal of Central School notified police that some boys are remaining out of school for no reason. One was picked up distributing samples of a popular cereal and sent back to school.

May 14, 1969 — Civil rights leader Charles Evers is elected mayor of the little town of Fayette, Mississippi. He is the first black mayor of a biracial community in the Deep South since reconstruction.

May 14, 1994 — President Clinton escorts Ethel Kennedy to Indianapolis, where her late husband helped keep the peace, to dedicate a memorial in Robert Kennedy’s honor.

May 14, 2009 — RPM Fest gets a permit to kick off a monster truck competition, expected to bring more than 100,000 visitors to LaPorte Memorial Day weekend, with a parade through downtown LaPorte.

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