The fair by Wellinski, part 2

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski
Monday at the fair featured sheep (some stubborn), including a peewee sheep show that allows 4-H’ers to work with youngsters in showing sheep. The day also included a young girl trying to show her mini pony which showed some stubbornness of its own, a young boy enjoying sweet corn from Burek’s booth. The figure 8 demolition derby was sometimes afire. Other motor action featured “youngsters ramming each other in miniature cars (and) garden tractors ramming each other,” Bob said.

4 Responses to “The fair by Wellinski, part 2”

  1. Anna Olson Lenardson

    Jul 10. 2019

    Great start! Thanks for the pictures.

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  2. Karen Martin

    Jul 11. 2019

    Thank you for all the ways you capture memories made in LaPorte!

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  3. Jeff Barnard

    Jul 13. 2019

    The little girl with the lamb…oh my gosh she’s ADORABLE!
    Great photos, Bob!

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  4. Jim Schweizer

    Jul 14. 2019

    Great job Bob!

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