Deputy, nurses save man’s life on Pine Lake

Deputy Scott Lanoue

click here Press release from LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office

On Saturday, July 6, 2019, Deputy Scott Lanoue was assigned to Marine Patrol on a sheriff’s office watercraft. After conducting patrols on Stone Lake, Deputy Lanoue started into the channel toward South Pine Lake. Upon passing underneath Waverly Road, he observed two pontoon boats anchored several hundred feet off the shoreline and a white box-shaped object floating in the water.

As Deputy Lanoue approached the two pontoon boats, he observed a man on the bow of one of the boats holding a man who was in the water and appeared to be unconscious. He made radio contact with the LaPorte County E-911 Regional Dispatch Center and requested that medical personnel be summoned to Huber’s Marina.

Three Good Samaritans jumped from one of the pontoon boats into the water. Deputy Lanoue and the citizens placed the unconscious man into his watercraft. The man was placed in the stern of the boat and two of the citizens boarded the LCSO watercraft. These citizens, both cardiac nurses, quickly determined the man did not have a pulse and was not breathing. The nurses began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as Deputy Lanoue guided the watercraft to Huber’s Marina.

Upon making it to the dock, Deputy Lanoue was met by Sergeant Tony Wallace and Deputies Ken Etchison and Bobby Greer, who secured the boat to the dock. The man began to regain consciousness as first responders provided him aid still on the stern of the watercraft. The man was later removed from the watercraft and transported by LaPorte County EMS to the hospital.

Investigators determined the 44-year-old LaPorte man had been swimming when a large wake began to rock one of the pontoon boats. The wake hit the man in the water and he called out for assistance. The other boaters attempted to throw him a pack of life jackets, but they didn’t reach him. Shortly thereafter, he began to lose consciousness and started floating in the water.

The following day, Deputy Lanoue made contact with the man, who has since been released from the hospital and had no lasting effects from the event.

The attention to detail and quick action by Deputy Lanoue played a significant role in saving the life of this gentleman. A big thank you also goes out to the citizens for assisting Deputy Lanoue with the rescue and to the nurses for providing CPR. Job well done!

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  1. Jeff Barnard

    Jul 13. 2019

    May God bless these wonderful people!

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