Sheriff’s office receives speed measurement devices from Criminal Justice Institute

The LIDAR unit.

Press release and photos provided 

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute recently distributed 1,000 new RADAR and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) speed measurement devices to police agencies across Indiana. The institute has graciously provided the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office with five RADAR units and one LIDAR unit. The devices were purchased by the institute using federal dollars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The certified, dash-mounted moving/stationary RADAR units, equipped with front and rear antennas, will measure the speed of the motoring public in the same and opposite directions. The certified hand-held LIDAR device will detect speeding vehicles at extended distances through several lanes of traffic and/or obstructions along a roadway, such as trees.

“We are very thankful to have received this new equipment from the institute,” said Captain Derek J. Allen. “The new equipment will assist deputies in the ongoing effort to improve traffic safety and awareness of the motoring public in LaPorte County.”

One of the RADAR units.

For decades, the sheriff’s office has sought and received grants from the institute allowing additional deputies to be deployed to work projects such as Operation Pullover and DUI Task Force. The new equipment will immediately be installed in unmarked and marked sheriff’s patrol vehicles.

3 Responses to “Sheriff’s office receives speed measurement devices from Criminal Justice Institute”

  1. BJH

    Aug 18. 2019

    This is a much needed piece of equipment and I hope it enhances an officers job. I live in the area of Stone Lake, Waverly road, Small road, and Garden street. Posted speed limit signs are ignored and a recent speed study found 60% of the traffic substancilly exceeds the speed limit. With school in session and buses on the roll, along with walkers, joggers, bikers, cross country high school runners, etc. it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or worse.
    Your efforts are appreciated in taking back our streets.

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  2. jim

    Aug 18. 2019

    You must be going over 100mph to get stopped on US30 ! Every Chicago idiot is running the left lane 85 mph with a Starke co. car blocking the left lane like everyday !

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  3. Jeff

    Aug 18. 2019

    Please employ this technology on Pine Lake Avenue, AKA, Speedway 35/39. If you are not going at least 40 mph, you will be run over by everyone else. I have regularly seen vehicles doing in excess of 55 mph: criminal. I agree with BJH above about the very valid potential of someone getting hurt due to high speed on a very commercial road. 35 mph is a valid limit. Also, cannot understand why IDOT did not create a middle turning lane on Pine Lake and install a traffic light at Pine Lake and Waverly Road.

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