Are you ready for some football?

Here come the Slicers!

The Slicers continue the touching tradition of placing their hands on orange hash mark 26, created in memory of the late Slicer Jake West. Michael Kozlowski is pictured taking his turn.

WNLP story and photos by Mike Kellems (more photos below)

Slicer fans were able to see a preview of the 2019 season Friday night, Aug. 16, 2019, including their first look at first-year Coach Jeremy Lowery, during a scrimmage at Kiwanis Field. The Slicers hosted Plymouth on what started as a great night for football but was dampened a bit by rain. Nonetheless, the Slicer football offense was able to score a few times on the Rockies and the defense showed a spark by keeping Plymouth out of the end zone a few times.

All area teams got in a scrimmage Friday night. The regular season opens Friday, Aug. 23 with these games:

Michigan City hosts Griffith at 7 p.m.
South Central will travel to Triton at 6:30 p.m.
LaPorte will host New Prairie at 7 p.m.

This Plymouth Rocky is pretty well covered and eventually stopped by the Slicer defense.

Jump ball!

Senior Matt Neff,, Slicer #44, closes in on the Plymouth QB as he looks for a receiver down field.

The offense in action.


A good moment for the Rockies in the orange end zone.

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