Burly Cougars take care of Slicers, 48-14, in opening-night rivalry

WNLP story and LP-NP game shots by Mike Kellems

The season opener for football teams in LaPorte County kicked off Friday night, Aug. 23, 2019,  with some explosive play and a whole lot of points on the board. Undoubtedly the most anticipated game of the night was the annual rivalry matchup between the LaPorte Slicers and the New Prairie Cougars, this one at Kiwanis. This game often draws a large crowd on both sides of the field and Friday night was no exception. Because of the cross-county rivalry, the players on both sides have a lot of bragging rights on the line and much to the credit of the Cougars, they will get to do a lot of bragging for the next 364 or so days.

The game started with some doubt as to the dominance as the Slicers recovered a New Prairie fumble on the fourth play of the game; however, LaPorte failed to capitalize. It wasn’t until the 5:42 mark of the first quarter that New Prairie scored, however once they turned on the scoring faucet, the Slicer defense had a difficult time turning it off. The Cougars, with an offensive line made up of what appear to be giants, opened up holes that allowed score after score until they reached 48.

For their part, LaPorte kept fighting and eventually was able to put 14 on the board. But give credit where its due: New Prairie looked like a well oiled and well coached machine. Despite their struggles to score, the Slicers showed a few brights spots. It is early in the season and there are a lot of Friday nights left, so stay tuned.

In other LaPorte County football action, Michigan City steamrolled Griffith at home in a 60-7 win. The South Central Satellites started against Triton slowly, however built their momentum late in the game. The Satellites narrowly lost the battle, 26-24.

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  1. JERRY

    Aug 26. 2019

    so glad to see this happen,i played for rolling prairie back in the 60’s almost beat the then ,very close game

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