Bring your pennies to this office to support LPFD

Orthopedic & Balance Therapy Specialists has announced a community Penny War. In remembrance of the events of Sept. 11, the Penny War is going on the entire month of September with all proceeds going to the First Responders of the winning community.

How it works:

All 4 offices of Orthopedic & Balance Therapy Solutions will be in competition with each other to see who can raise the most pennies. The locations are in Valparaiso, Crown Point, Highland, and most importantly, LaPorte at 1405 E. Lincolnway (Next to Blake Insurance). The office collecting the most pennies will donate all the monies, from all 4 locations, to their local First Responders.

For further information or to make a penny donation, stop by the office at 1405 E. Lincolnway. The LaPorte Fire Department supports this Penny War and urges the community donate.

Thank you — A.C. Pressler, LaPorte Fire Department Asst. Chief

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