Moments in Time, Sept. 12

Compiled by Mary Hedge, La Porte County Public Library

Sept. 12, 1919 — As the result of previously forbidden La Porte High School initiation, Wilbur Boardman is at home seriously injured through practices exercised when youths are initiated into the high school.

Sept. 12, 1969 — A lengthy report on religious rioting in Northern Ireland backs Roman Catholics in their complaints against Protestants. They suffered discrimination in housing, jobs and voting.

Sept. 12, 1994 — Just a half century ago, nearly two out of five homes lacked a shower or bathtub, air conditioning was almost non-existent and heat often meant feeding a furnace with wood or dusty coal.

Sept. 12, 2009 — A La Porte man sentenced to two years in jail for a fatal accident in 2007 while driving drunk with a .245-percent blood alcohol level hasn’t had a drink since the crash.

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