Moments in Time, Sept. 13

Compiled by Mary Hedge, LaPorte County Public Library

Sept. 13, 1919 — La Porte school enrollment: Central-850, Maple-462, Park-274, Pine Lake-57, high school-327.

Sept. 13, 1969 — The Slicers, including quarterback Mark Yates, fight a respectable battle before losing to the highly regarded Elkhart Blazers, 13-0.

Sept. 13, 1994 — John Diedrich gets a variance, with restrictions, allowing a long-planned inn with a restaurant-lounge near Kiwanis-Teledyne Park. It should be completed by next spring.

Sept. 13, 2009 — Westville unites to raise $18,000 for a 9-year-old boy born with cerebral palsy, dystonia and a lung disorder and his family.

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