Moments in Time, Oct. 12

Compiled by Mary Hedge, La Porte County Public Library

Oct. 12, 1919 — Emmet Scott receives a deadly looking affair in the mail. He takes it to Postmaster Terry. It was found to be a real grenade, but the charge had been taken out of it.

Oct. 12, 1969 — The Soviet Union puts a third manned spacecraft into earth orbit and now has a record seven men circling the earth in space vehicles.

Oct. 12, 1994 — La Porte has spent $44,329 on pumps to alleviate a flooding problem on the shorelines of La Porte’s lakes. Another $39,000 in bills is outstanding.

Oct. 12, 2009 — A Westville Middle School student has a probable case of the swine flu. The student tested positive for Type A influenza and doctors say if they have Type A flu, it’s probably H1N1.

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