Hospital construction is on schedule, CEO says

An ironworker stands tall atop the beams of the future La Porte Hospital in September 2019.

Information from La Porte Hospital

Construction of the new La Porte Hospital began earlier this year and is already making a difference in the area. For La Porte County, and the aging of the current La Porte Hospital facility, a new era of healing and wellness dawned in 2016 when hospital officials sold the hospital to Community Health Systems of Franklin, TN, and they committed to invest in a new state-of-the-art hospital for La Porte County and surrounding areas. In that short time, the organization has re-focused efforts on providing quality, advanced medical care close to home while designing what will be the area’s newest hospital.

Construction of the new hospital, which began earlier this year, is unfolding under the leadership of La Porte Hospital Chief Executive Officer Ashley Dickinson.

“We want to stay in the position of driving good health for the residents of La Porte County and surrounding areas. We are successfully challenging ourselves to meet new standards for advanced quality care. These improvements in quality will continue when we move to our new, full-service hospital. The new hospital is a reinvestment in our organization’s future and the health of the region we serve,” Dickinson says.

While the new hospital will provide a state-of-the-art facility where residents can get medical care close to home, the construction itself is benefiting the area with added construction jobs and the use of local suppliers and construction-related firms.

“The construction of the new hospital continues on schedule.” said Dickinson. By the end of 2019, the facility will be fully enclosed and then attention will turn to the interior during the winter months. The hospital will open sometime between October and December 2020, according to Dickinson.

The new hospital project has already created 150 construction jobs and that number will increase to 300 at the peak of construction. In addition to new jobs, 65% of the trades and sub-contractors working on the project are based in La Porte County and northwest Indiana, which translates to $55 million for the local economy. While this translates into an economic benefit for the individuals helping to build the new hospital, it also means more business for local restaurants and retailers. 

Additionally, La Porte Hospital is the only hospital in La Porte County to pay taxes. Its tax bill in 2018 was $2.2 million in local taxes. In addition to paying local taxes, the hospital expects to continue to provide millions of dollars in charity care, purchase from local vendors, and donate to local agencies.

“Healthcare is always advancing,” Dickinson said. “At La Porte Hospital, we will continue to recruit top primary-care physicians and specialists and help line up the resources needed to offer the best possible care right here at home.”

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  1. Annoyed

    Oct 30. 2019

    Too bad the damn overpass is way overdue. How long are we going to have to stare at additional lanes in each direction and not be able to use them? They’re intentionally making our lives more difficult for their own amusement at this point. I hope Superior never gets another contract in LP.

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  2. SMH

    Oct 31. 2019

    Yes I’m sure that is what they are doing…so very ignorant. It’s not the fact that they are finishing up details for everyone’s safety! Your attitude of it’s all about me is what’s wrong with this world. Patience is a virtue

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  3. smh2

    Oct 31. 2019

    superior is one of the best construction companies around. just because of your inconvenience don’t throw them under the bus. a lot of time it isnt the contractors fault for delays

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    • SMH

      Nov 01. 2019

      Inconvenient Ha ….Falling through the old bridge deck. …Now that would have been inconvenient. Those men and women worked very hard to give this town a sound structure like they were asked to do. Giving them a THANK YOU. Would be nice of everyone!

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    • Smack your head

      Nov 02. 2019

      I travel 35 every single day and I haven’t seen anyone out there working or any progress being made in probably weeks. Finishing up details lol. What a laugh. What are they doing? Hand painting the lane dividing lines?

      Maybe you should take a chill pill. Seems like you took that first comment a little personal. Offended much?

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  4. Annie

    Nov 01. 2019

    I’ve wondered who made the statement, “Don’t judge until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes!” We know the word “inconvenience;” however I prefer them taking the steps to insure safety for us.

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