Dermody will be LaPorte’s new mayor; in MC Meer is ousted by a narrow margin

(Pictured in page 1 post photo: Tom Dermody and Ron Meer) 

Republican Tom Dermody sailed to victory over Democrat Matt Wilhelm in the Nov. 5, 2019, municipal general elections. Dermody will replace current Mayor Mark Krentz, who announced Jan. 1, 2019, that he would not seek a full term as LaPorte mayor. Krentz was elected by GOP caucus on Aug. 11, 2017, to complete the final two years of former Mayor Blair Milo’s 2nd term.

3rd Ward Council Member Laura Cutler has the distinction of being the only Democrat among Republicans regarding winners.

In Michigan City, Mayor Ron Meer (D) was narrowly defeated by Republican Duane Parry in a late surge of voting for Parry. Meer has recently faced a controversy involving the police department and its arrest of his stepson. Parry will be a rare breed in that role: The last Republican mayor in that city was Randy Miller, serving one term in the 1960s and one term in the 1970s.

Candidates will be sworn in at the first of the year.

Here are the winners (in bold) and their opponents with vote totals:



Matt Wilhelm (D) — 489

Tom Dermody (R) — 2,161


Courtney Parthun (R) — 2,274

City Council, 1st Ward

David J. Schmitt (D) — 129

Julie West-Schroeder (R) — 182

City Council, 2nd Ward

Karyl Machek-Feikes (R) — 347

City Council, 3rd Ward

Laura Cutler D — 395

Cary Kirkham (R) — 223

City Council, 4th Ward

Roger Galloway, (R) — 415

City Council, 5th Ward

Miles Fettinger (D) — 262

Sarah Brown (R) — 424

City Council At-Large (VOTE FOR 2)

Joseph “Joe” Mrozinske (D) — 1,137

Robert M. O’Donnell II (D) — 706

Tim Franke (R) — 1,641

Paul Vincent (R) — 1,339



Ron Meer (D) — 1,563

Duane Parry (R) — 1,639

Damon Carnes (I — Independent) — 1,467

James T. LaRocco (I) — 821

City clerk

Gale Neulieb (D) — 4.070

City Council, 1st Ward

Bryant Dabney (D) — 728

City Council, 2nd Ward

Paul Przybylinski (D) — 582

Alena Ursida (R) — 215

City Council, 3rd Ward

Michael Mack (D) — 267

Keith Devereaux (R) — 153

City Council, 4th Ward

Sean “Fitz” Fitzpatrick (D) — 619

City Council, 5th Ward

Tracie Tillman (D) — 579

Nathan Patrick (R) — 499

City Council, 6th Ward

Gene Simmons (D) — 653

Dan Granquist (R) — 264

Franklin O. Anderson (I) — 74

City Council At-Large (VOTE FOR 3)

Angie Nelson Deuitch (D) — 2,916

Donald C. Przybylinski (D) — 3,358

Johnny Stimley (D) — 3,166

William “Billy” Greene III (R) — 2,308

9 Responses to “Dermody will be LaPorte’s new mayor; in MC Meer is ousted by a narrow margin”

  1. Bob

    Nov 06. 2019

    Congrats to Dermody but we all knew that was coming. An extra special congrats to Parry though! Unfortunately it took a drug scandal and criminal charges for the people of MC to oust a Demonrat and not even by much.

    The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Parry, here is your opportunity to produce a different result. Don’t let the people of MC or the Republican Party down.

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  2. Rob

    Nov 06. 2019


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  3. Not Rob

    Nov 06. 2019

    Rob thinks this topic is so boring that he would take the time to write about it instead of just moving on. The futures of these two cities makes Rob yawn. To go along with what Bob said, you can’t fix stupid.

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  4. Gorgeous Jim

    Nov 06. 2019

    I find it quire amazing that 489 people voted for someone who just merely signed up to be on the ballot. Mr. Wilhelm had absolutely no campaign platform, declined all candidate forums and media coverage, but still got 489 votes, don’t figure.

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  5. Vladimir

    Nov 06. 2019

    Jim, it was the Russians! Oh wait, that only works when accusing a Republican of something. Yes, I agree. Some people vote all R or all D. It’s difficult to believe 489 people voted for some no-name when the next highest D vote in LP is only 424. This is especially true when the Republican candidate was someone like Dermody. Strange indeed.

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  6. lawman

    Nov 06. 2019

    Gjim– check” yawn” above. that’s how

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    • Not Not

      Nov 07. 2019

      Maybe people are becoming so disillusioned with Trump that they’re equating all Republicans to him. I can see that being a reason for 489 people to vote for a no-name-no-platform Dem.

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  7. Dan In LP

    Nov 07. 2019

    So, here we are, with a new mayor with ZERO competition able to garner a measly 2100 votes. I am not a Tom hater, I just want to continue to warn LaPorteans that we are in for some serious accountability here. He has brought in everyone he wanted. HE OWNS the council, as well as any adviser to any of the boards in the city. He has absolutely no excuse to complete his agenda. Unfortunately, one can only look to a candidate’s voting record for guidance to what that agenda is. It doesn’t look good folks. Here is a recent commentary I posted earlier in the year to refresh your memory…

    When in doubt, follow the history. Tom Dermody, while he has been a lifelong resident of the LP community, has done very little in way of job creation, business development and education. Why would anyone vote for him?

    Look at the record:
    Once elected a school board member (to a corporation his own children did not attend prior to his election), he sat by and said nothing while the state passed laws allowing local funding (PROPERTY TAXES) for public education to be fleeced out of the local economy and sent to outside charters/other school districts. Never once did he speak out in opposition when hundreds of thousands of dollars were cut from the LP school budgets; forcing the elimination of extracurricular programs, teacher and student access to resources, among other things.

    Once a member of the General Assembly, ALL BUT TWO of his sponsored or co-sponsored bills was in regards to increasing access to GAMBLING, LIQUOR or E-CIGARETTE SALES. And one co-sponsored bill required drug testing for parents receiving TANF. I guess if your idea of job creation involves nearly every vice known to man, HE IS YOUR GUY! However, where is the record of job creation or infrastructure redevelopment he speaks of and has been promoted on this forum? In regards to education, his only claim to fame is that he voted against many bills increasing charters, vouchers, and reducing funding for education; however, NEVER SPOKE openly against it while his colleagues continued their assault.

    Now we have him running for mayor of a city he calls home, but has never stood up for in Indianapolis. While local toll road revenue continued to be diverted from the Region to the likes of Carmel, Hamilton, Fishers, etc., as a part of the “Major Moves” and the “State that Works” campaigns, he enjoyed his cozy office claiming to be “Slicer”. We have given him multiple opportunities to do right by us with positions in multiple facets of government, and by my calculations, he leaves a lot to be desired. I expect more from someone who wants to take charge of a city I have lived in and raised a family in my entire life.

    Being a former Slicer athlete is great, but come on people.

    Oh, and since I am someone who likes to back my accusations up with facts: here is the full voting record of, unfortunately, our Next Mayor. Don’t say you weren’t warned….

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