Update on New Prairie threat: 13-year-old girl arrested Sunday afternoon

UPDATE Sunday evening, Nov. 10:

(From La Porte County Sheriff’s Office)

“Throughout the weekend, Deputy Paul Adams (New Prairie United School Corporation School Resource Officer), has continued investigating the threat that caused Friday’s “lockout” resulting in the late dismissal at the middle school. Early Saturday afternoon, Adams received information directly related to the investigation. He immediately acted on the development and proceeded to conduct an interview. As a result of the interview, Adams was able to identify a suspect. Sunday afternoon, Adams conducted an interview with the suspect and her parents. Following the interview, he arrested the 13-year-old female New Prairie Middle School student for Intimidation, a Level 6 Felony. The investigation is ongoing. The middle school will return to a normal academic schedule tomorrow.”


UPDATE 9 p.m. Friday: The New Prairie sectional football game went on as scheduled Friday evening (they won) and a police spokesman said classes are expected to open as usual on Monday.


Press releases from La Porte County Sheriff’s Office:

UPDATE 4 p.m. Friday:

“All NPUSC Middle School students have either been reunited with their parents/guardians or boarded a school corporation bus.

“Deputy Bobby Greer and his explosives K-9 Argo have swept and secured the middle school.

“The threat investigation is ongoing.”


UPDATE 3 p.m. Friday: “The students have been escorted onto the bus and the investigation is continuing. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.”

Earlier Friday, Nov. 8, 2019:

“Last night, a New Prairie Middle School student received a text message from a number the student did not recognize. The text included a direct threat to the safety and security of the middle school.

“Midday today, the content of the text began to circulate amongst the students. A school official eventually was made aware of this threat. As a result, the New Prairie United School Corporation (NPUSC) Administration opted to place the middle school on lockout.

“The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the threat. Additional law enforcement personnel, along with LCSO deputies, are present in all the buildings within the NPUSC.

“A systemic dismissal at the middle school will occur this afternoon as this threat continues to be investigated. It’s anticipated the dismissal process will be slower than normal as the students are reunited with their parents or board their bus home.

“The LCSO and NPUSC ask for your patience while the threat is investigated and during today’s dismissal.”

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  1. Concerned Parent

    Nov 12. 2019

    So a student received the text message from an unknown number the night before?. Why didn’t the student report that before heading to school the next day? Certainly hope that student has some sort of repurcussion for this. Rather than reporting it to an adult, this student obviously circulated the text and then it finally got circulated to a school official. Kids make poor choices, but in this day and age, they should know to report it to a parent, teacher, police officer. Spreading the text to other students was wrong and should definately constitute a punishment. The one who sent the text, well that is a given. That student should be expelled.

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