Moments in Time, Dec. 9

Compiled by Mary Hedge, La Porte County Public Library

Dec. 9, 1919 — Wolves are making raids on farms in the southern part of the county. They are believed to have come from the marshes near the Kankakee. A number of them near Wanatah were killed.

Dec. 9, 1969 — La Porte attorney Daniel E. Lewis Jr. is elected United Fund president for the coming year. He was the 1969-70 campaign chairman. Funds raised were 105 percent of the goal.

Dec. 9, 1994 — La Porte’s Project DARE is one of 19 recipients of the Governor’s Exemplary Project Award. Drug Abuse Resistance Education was started in elementary schools five years ago.

Dec. 9, 2009 — A woman driving on U.S. 20 hits a bedroom dresser.

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