Moments in Time, Dec. 13

Compiled by Mary Hedge, La Porte County Public Library

Dec. 13, 1919 — Beginning Monday, all restrictions on the use of coal will be lifted. Train service will resume. However, the consumer must not purchase more than a week’s supply of fuel.

Dec. 13, 1969 — The Plimpton Press division of the McCall Corporation at Pinola will be shut down, affecting about 300 employees.

Dec. 13, 1994 — A correctional officer at the Indiana State Prison is fatally stabbed in the cell block designated to hold the prison’s most violent offenders. There are two suspects.

Dec. 13, 2009 — State lawmakers weigh possible changes to gaming laws while growing competition from out-of-state casinos threatens to cut into business at Indiana’s 11 riverboat casinos.

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