Mollenhauer seeks 2nd term on county council


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La Porte County Democratic Councilman at large Mike Mollenhauer has announced that he is seeking a second term for County Council.

Mollenhauer was elected by a county-wide Democratic precinct caucus to the County Council seat in March 2017 with the vacancy of that at-large seat.

Councilman Mollenhauer, the former two-term La Porte County sheriff (2007-2014) is extremely proud of his previous service and accomplishments in both elected offices (sheriff and councilman) serving the citizens of this county a total of 41 years while overseeing an annual budget of over $7,000,000.

“My continued promise has been and always will be ‘to serve the community with the same honesty, integrity, and transparency as I always have as your sheriff!’

“As Councilman, I have been serving as a member on many boards, to name some: La Porte Insurance Committee, liaison to the Assessor’s Office, Health Department and Human Resource. During this this tenure as one of seven Councilmen I am proud to be able to say that our council has worked together very hard as a bipartisan team. Always striving to do what is best for our county taxpayers, which will improve everyone’s quality of life in our community.

“Some of the many accomplishments and goals that I have been fortunate to be a part of are the newly initiated ‘Criminal Rule 26’ that will help decrease our longtime costly jail overcrowding. Privatizing the jail inmate food service, the relocation of our La Porte Emergency Medical Service (on or below budget), Michigan City Courthouse renovation, approved funding for the South Shore double tracking, proceeding in the right direction with a connection of the CSX main—line rail spur inside the Kingsbury Industrial Park, and let us not forget the progress at our La Porte County Fairgrounds. The creation of two boards working together to oversee and help make the much needed infrastructure and safety improvements. This will allow our community, visitors and especially our 4-H youth to have a safe entertainment venue to visit. I am proud to say all this and more without raising taxes or bonds issued.

“There are other goals that I wish to see come to fruition, one of which is well overdue, that being an Emergency Medical Service base implemented on the Eastern side of our county. Presumably in the area of Rolling Prairie. We now have an ambulance that can be dedicated to that area, thanks to a very generous donation. Our council, last year, budgeted six new EMS employees that will be assigned to that base.

“My promise, to you, the voters of La Porte County: If elected to serve a second term, I will continue to be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars and do my best to make fair and unbiased decisions to help our county progress!”

Mike Mollenhauer
La Porte County Councilman

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