Shelter pets: Wait till you see the AFTER

The La Porte County Small Animal Shelter staff doesn’t simply take in abandoned animals. They make sure the animals are healthy and treat any issues found. And when necessary, they turn a little mophead into a beautiful poodle. From the shelter: “A huge THANK YOU to The Gold Clipper Pet Salon and Wellness Center for helping this sweet boy! The matted, neglected mess he came in with was criminal. But LOOK at him now! Who knows his history but he’s with us now and being showered with love, food, warmth, and we can now start to explore his health and any medical issues.” Kristen Lestinsky-Satkoski was the Gold Clipper artist who did the transformation: “My makeover at the La Porte County Small Animal Shelter, super sweet male poodle if anyone is interested! A+ for sweetness during grooming.”

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  1. Lynn Lisarelli

    Jan 24. 2020

    How nice of Kris from The Gold Clipper!! Thank you!!

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  2. Janet B Weiss

    Jan 25. 2020

    Wow! Beautiful job.

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