Dust off those instruments, drop them off at Roxy’s, and know they’ll be in good hands

     Somewhere in the attic there might be a gently-worn flute from your high school days. Or what about that  violin tucked away into the back of the closet, loved but no longer used?
     The La Porte County Symphony Orchestra is hoping to put no-longer-needed instruments into the hands of talented young musicians who don’t have the means to buy or rent their own pieces.
     Beginning on Monday, March 9, 2020 the LCSO will conduct an instrument drive, partnering with Drew’s Gift of Music, a non-profit organization based in Plymouth, Ind. that collects used instruments and restores them. The instruments are then loaned to qualifying music students who are not able to purchase or lease the instruments.
     Roxy Music, 1012 Lincoln Way, La Porte is the drop-off site for the donated instruments.
     The instrument drive will culminate with April 25’s “The Great American Songbook” concert at the Civic Auditorium.
     “Drew’s Gift of Music has opened our eyes to the need for musical instruments in La Porte County,” said Tim King, executive director of the symphony. “We have such wonderful music programs in our school systems. Yet, there are students who wish to learn a musical instrument but simply cannot afford the price of purchasing or leasing. Why shouldn’t every student have this chance?”
     This is where Drew’s Gift of Music comes in. The non-profit has been providing instruments across several counties for seven years and it is King’s hope to enable them to broaden their scope.  The non-profit bears the name of Drew Shearin, a talented musician who also composed music as a student in Knox, Ind. Drew tragically lost his life in 2011. In his honor, and to keep Drew’s love of music alive, his family started the Drew’s Gift of Music program.
     “I know there are homes in La Porte County where musical instruments are sitting in a closet, attic or garage. This is a wonderful way to give back to the community while being able to do something productive with the instrument that isn’t being used,” King said. “I encourage everyone to go to www.drewsgiftofmusic.com to learn about this phenomenal organization and how they have brought the joy of music to so many deserving students thus far.”
     All instruments are accepted, with the exception of guitars and pianos, King said.
     “Roxy Music would like to thank the LCSO for the opportunity to help serve our community and help some of the less fortunate in our area to have an opportunity to experience the gift of music. We also thank Drew’s family for their work creating an inspiring way to bless young musicians in honor of their son,” said Bill Heiss, general manager of Roxy Music.

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  1. Reneta

    Mar 06. 2020

    This is an awesome organization! They also have an annual Motorcycle Ride, Dinner, & Action in Knox to raise funds to support the youth in these counties. The event is held in August, usually the first Saturday. Keep checking the website for updates for this event and mark your calendar!! Music is an awesome way for our youth to focus on something positive and every child should have the opportunity to participate! Thanks to the family for providing these instruments!

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  2. Deb

    Mar 07. 2020

    Renata, thank you so much for your comment. The annual Drew’s Gift ride is August 1st this year. I is on Drew’s heavenly birthday this year. Wr are working on the flyer. Thank you for always being there for us.

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