A long way from La Porte … the Aurora Northern Lights

     Judy Kowal sent these beautiful shots from Alaska, taken when her brother Bob Kowal visited Judy at her home in Anchorage. Bob is a resident of Indianapolis.

Bob Kowal

     Writing to WNLP, Judy said “we’re former La Porte residents (and after-school Boardman’s grocery store customers).”
     Judy and Bob were able to catch views of the amazing Aurora Northern Lights. They also found time for some general hiking and sight-seeing around Anchorage.
     The brother and sister also ventured to Fairbanks, where they saw the IceAlaska ice carving show. “It’s a world class event with artists from all over the world. I believe the man who owns the ice  company in La Porte was involved with it years ago, either as an artist or advisor,” said Judy. “We went at night February 24. It was about 15 degrees below zero. The artists were busy at work, not minding the temperature!”

Judy Kowal











It’s a safe bet Bob and Judy didn’t see this while growing up in La Porte.





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  1. Mike

    Mar 10. 2020

    Amazing photos… particularly appreciate the Northern lights! Thank you for sharing Alaska’s beauty with us!!

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