Service League reaches 450 pre-schoolers with dental care program

Jaunda Kneller portrayed the Tooth Fairy

Nearly 450 pre-schoolers learned the importance of caring for their teeth, thanks to the recent efforts of the La Porte Service League.

The League, an independent women’s organization that enriches the La Porte area through community assistance programs, youth outreach and the arts, educated the pre-schoolers through fun, interactive presentations. The young students were treated to a skit featuring the “Tooth Fairy,” her buddy “Flossie,” and a Service League helper.

League members were able to provide each child with a toothbrush, flosser and toothpaste, thanks to grants from Bethany Lutheran Church Foundation, Dr. Randy Banic, and the American Dental Association’s “Give Kids a Smile” program.




Above, the Tooth Fairy is assisted by Sandy Young as Flossie (far left) and Irene Konieczny with “Dino” (center).

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  1. lawman

    Mar 17. 2020

    I remember WALKING in a group from 10th street school(handley now) to the old high school to see ”Winnie the pooh” put on by the service league ladies. still a vivid memory. thanks ladies!

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