Purdue Northwest to continue remote learning, discontinue all activities

Purdue Northwest Chancellor Thomas Keon has announced that students will finish the spring semester through remote learning; that summer classes, for the most part, will be conducted online;  and that all student activities are canceled indefinitely.

In addition, he announced, it is unlikely commencement ceremonies will be held in person.

“We wanted to preserve the slim hope of a return to in-person instruction, but evolving circumstances and scientific guidance make it clear that no such resumption would be responsible. Classes will reconvene remotely on March 23,” Keon said in his prepared remarks to students and staff.

“We realize the challenges of this move to remote learning and did not come to this decision lightly. The CDC has now issued guidance that ‘for the next 8 weeks, organizers … cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 or more people.’  Institutions of higher education are currently exempt from this CDC guidance, but that could change quickly. Our students making travel plans—especially our international and non-resident students—need to know now the learning plan for the remainder of the semester. Travel guidance is changing almost daily, and travel that is possible today may not be tomorrow.”

PNW faculty and staff, he said, would be better able to plan the remainder of the semester with this decision made.

“We also have decided that summer classes will move to online delivery for Summer 2020. We anticipate there may be some exceptions for labs and clinical instruction and more detailed information will be forthcoming later in the semester,” Keon said.

Further, he said, PNW does not anticipate being able to hold commencement ceremonies in person, on campus. “We will certainly share definitive information about commencement as it becomes available,” he said.

In addition, Keon noted that, with the remainder of the semester now to be delivered remotely and all student activities cancelled until the semester’s end, “we strongly recommend that all students in the residence halls who can move home—or to a different location—do so.”

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