Local residents step up to the plate to help keep pantry shelves filled during pandemic

La Porteans are once again showing their spirit of generosity.

Nate Loucks, CEO and president of the Pax Center, had announced yesterday an effort to keep pantry shelves filled during the virus pandemic by partnering with other agencies and by requesting donations to the undertaking.

Now Loucks is expressing his gratitude:

“Thank you to the corporations and individuals that have given to the Pax Center in the last few days. Your generosity means a great deal to us. You are enabling the Pax Center to keep LaPorte well-fed and well-loved during this challenging season,” he said.

Here was the impact on Wednesday, he reports:

“Our average daily numbers for a Wednesday are around thirty ‘family units.’ [Wednesday] we had 41 ‘family units’ representing 180 LaPorte County residents, with thirteen of those ‘family units’ being first-time visitors to the Pax Center,” Loucks said.

“To give you a better idea of what we are providing for those who visit us, here is a visual representation of what each ‘family unit’ receives. You can see that we are still able to provide meat, dairy, grains, and also nonperishable items. We are one of the only food pantries that attempts to provide all of the recommended daily nutrition servings. The goal is to feed a family of four for five days (or more.)”

Unfortunately, Loucks said he was informed that a few of the suppliers (Aldi and Piazza Produce) would not be able to provide the same number of items they have purchased in the past.
“It certainly makes the future a bit more unpredictable with what we can offer. But it also makes our costs unknowable. All that to say, once again, thank you for your generosity. The amount of support the community has demonstrated the last week is extraordinary. We will get through this together,” Loucks said. “We will continue providing for those who are hungry in our community as long as we are able.
“Thanks again.”

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