Going on a bear hunt, from London to Louisiana to … La Porte, Indiana


It’s happening in Louisiana, London — and now La Porte.

To keep kids entertained while countries batten down against the storm of the COVID-19 virus, people are putting teddy bears in front windows so the children can search them out while walking or bicycling through the neighborhood.

That a struck a chord with Richard Vyse, owner of Haverstock Funeral Home, who was inspired to  place a couple of bears in the street-facing windows of his establishment, located at 602 Maple Ave., La Porte.

“I saw a piece on the news this evening and thought it was a great idea,” Richard Vyse wrote WNLP, “We’re  inviting people to drive by and wave and say hi to our bears.

The Washington Times reports that children in one Lafayette, La. neighborhood have been on a safari this week in search of teddy bears, maps and binoculars in hand.

The idea may be based on a book called, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, a 1989 children’s picture book that has garnered numerous awards.

In the Lafayette neighborhood, a resident reported to the Times that “people were putting bears in windows, flower beds, along fence lines, and posting their addresses (on the neighborhood Facebook page) so people can map a route and parents can take their kids walking on a bear hunt.”

A trend locally? We shall see …

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  1. nana

    Mar 31. 2020

    I have 2 in my windows, one facing 5th street one facing Colfax

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  2. Sarah

    Mar 31. 2020

    There is also a group putting hearts on windows and calling themselves Heart Hunters. This is across the U.S. as well. These are fun ideas for kids!

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