Great shot: views from the Dunes



That’s the word from retired La Porte High School science teacher William Power, who took these great — no, stunning — shots with a Canon Rebel.

“For over 30 years I’ve been photographing sunsets behind the ever-changing skyline of Chicago from the Indiana Dunes. I started in 1988 from the top of Mt. Baldy, which is now closed. I then moved west to Central Avenue Dunes where I took this shot a few weeks ago. Since then the park service has closed  access to that area, too. Dunbar Beach could be my next spot if the road doesn’t fall into the lake first,” he said.

He added this teaser: “Keep in mind there are two windows of opportunity to catch this event. The first is in April as the sun is moving north. The second is in August as the sun in heading south along the horizon. The exact dates are stored in my memory files. Have fun figuring them out.”


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3 Responses to “Great shot: views from the Dunes”

  1. Fotog

    May 22. 2020

    Bill… your pics from the lake front are spectacular! I’m fortunate to have a copy of the shot you have with the sun directly behind the “Sears” tower that also has the green burst at the top. Once in a lifetime photo!

    Keep being inspirational!!

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  2. Lynn Lisarelli

    May 23. 2020

    That “green burst at the top” is called the green flash. It happens right at lowest set of sun if the atmospheric conditions are just right. One is very fortunate to get to see this.

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  3. Corey

    May 26. 2020

    Amazing pictures!

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