Delays in tabulating results, but here’s a source for updated state-wide info


On Tuesday the La Porte County Election Board advised local media that tabulation of machine ballot results would proceed as usual, but because of the large number of mail-in ballots, tabulation of absentee votes would take longer. As a result, final results of primary races will not be called until all ballots — machine and mail-in — are counted. The board said it will be 72 hours.

In the meantime, readers may want to view updated, state-wide information on Indiana’s voter portal:

Here are the statements earlier from the election board:

“Please be advised that LaPorte County Election Board is not alone in needing additional time to tabulate results. The Secretary of State has warned all Hoosiers that there needs to be an expectation of delay.

“Please understand that there has been a significant increase in receipt of mail-in ballots. In order to have accurate results, the tabulation process is going to take more time than in years past. The LaPorte County Election Board will update with results as appropriate. As of 6 p.m., June 2, 2020, the LaPorte County Election Board has received 4,717 mail-in ballots. In comparison, in the 2016 primary election only 585 mail-in ballots were received.

“We share these numbers with you to give an idea of the significant increase and the additional amount of processing that this election will take. Please understand that we are continuing to work to finalize results. Furthermore, this press release, [and the press release below], has been a collaborative, bipartisan decision by all members of the LaPorte County Election Board.”

The election board also issued this statement:

“Please be advised that there will NOT be any FINAL tabulations of results disseminated regarding primary races by the LaPorte County Election Board. Given the significant response to absentee voting by mail and the large number of mail-in ballots received, the LaPorte County Election Board has elected to not provide any Absentee Ballots result for 72 hours.

“However, Machine Ballot results will be provided in a manner consistent with prior elections, and any updates will be provided as the results are tabulated. Furthermore, the Election Board cautions that for any races to be called, the Absentee Vote must be completely tabulated and added to the count for an accurate result. The Election Board, along with all of our poll workers, will continue diligently working to ensure that all the Absentee Ballots are tabulated and race results are finalized.”

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