Today’s the day! Find your polling place for Indiana’s primary election

Today is the day for Hoosiers to vote in the 2020 primary election. Voters may cast their ballots in person from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. today.

For this election, counties have been equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer, and other sterilization tools. Poll workers have been trained to keep polling places clean and will be monitoring social activity closely. Voters are urged to practice social distancing and good hygiene while at the polls, according to Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson.

The La Porte County Board of Commissioners has  announced the following polling places, by precinct designation, for the county. Voters may check their precinct by visiting

Hoosiers may also call the toll-free Hoosier Voter Hotline at 866-IN-1-VOTE to speak directly to a representative for information, polling locations and to file grievances. Staff will be on hand to answer calls from until 6 p.m. today.


LP 25 and 26: PRCU, 620 Bach St.

LP 27, 28, 37, 38: Civic Auditorium, 1001 Ridge St. (basement)

LP 29, 30, Center 5: Cummings Lodge, Soldier Memorial Park

LP 31: City TransPorte, 102 L St.

LP 32, 33, 34,35, 36: Presbyterian Church, 307 Kingsbury Ave. (upstairs entrance)

LP 39, 40: Moose Lodge, 925 Boyd Blvd.

LP 41: The Door Church, 905 W. 22nd St.

LP 42, 43, 44: Agape Christian Church, 1601 I St.



Cass, Wanatah 1 & 2: Salem United Church of Christ, 302 S. Main St., Wanatah

Center 1: La Porte Chrysler Dodge Jeep, 1309 Pine Lake Ave., La Porte

Center 2: Center Twp. Volunteer Fire Department, 4504 W. Johnson Rd., La Porte (new location)

Center 3, 4: Beautiful Savior Church, 3628 W. Johnson Rd., La Porte

Clinton: Crossroads Baptist Church, 10027 W. CR-1000S, Wanatah

Coolspring 1, 3: Coolspring Volunteer Fire Department, 7111W CR-400N, Michigan City

Coolspring 2, New Durham 1, 2: Red Mill County Park, 0185 S. Holmesville Rd., La Porte

Coolspring 4, 5: American Legion Post #37, 756 E. U.S. 20, Michigan City (new location)

Dewey, La Crosse: The Center of La Crosse, 100 S. Washington St., La Crosse

Duneland Beach, Michiana Shores 1 &2, Springfield 3: Michiana Shores Volunteer Fire Department, 911 El Portal Dr., Michiana Shores

Galena 1, 2: Heston Hills Conference Center, 1933 E. CR-800N, La Porte

Hanna: Hanna United Methodist Church, 101 W. Hopper St., Hanna

Hudson: Monroe’s Crossing, 7038 N. Chicago Trail, Hudson Lake (new name, new address)

Johnson: Township Community Center, 900E CR-900S, Walkerton

Kankakee 1, 2: Kankakee Township Volunteer Fire Department, 3 N. Michigan Ave., Rolling Prairie

Kingsbury, Washington: Kingsbury Volunteer Fire epartment, 111 S. Main St., Kingsbury

Kingsford Heights, Union: Kingsford-Union Volunteer Fire Department, 317 Drummond Rd., Kingsford Heights

Lincoln: Lincoln Twp. Community Center, 3308S. CR-800E, Walkerton

Long Beach: Long Beach Community Centerm 2501 Oriole Trail, Long Beach

Noble: Union Mills Conservation Club, 100 Mill Pond Rd., Union Mills

Pleasant: Pleasant Twp. Volunteer Fire Department, 9 Main St., Stillwell

Pottawattamie Park, Trail Creek 1, 2: Fish & Game Club, 3901 E. Michigan Blvd., Michigan City

Prairie: Prairie Twp. Community Building, 2019W CR-1800S, Hanna

Scipio 1, 2: Scipio Twp. Fire Station, 1105W CR-250S, La Porte

Springfield 1, 2: Springfield Twp. Vounteer Fire Dept., 7111N CR-300W, Michigan City (new location)

Westville: Westville American Legion, 107 N. Flynn Rd., Westville

Wills: Wills Twp. Community Center, 6981E CR-350N, Rolling Prairie


MC 01: Mullen Building, 101 Manny Ct.

MC 02, 03: IBEW/NECA Center, 301 E. Eight St. (9th Street entrance)

MC 04: Greater Powerhouse Church of God, 428 N. Woodland Ave.

MC 05, 06: Elston Building, 317 Detroit St.

MC 06, 07: Arise and Shine Food & Outreach Center, 1010 W. Garfield St.

MC 09: Grace Learning Center, 1007 W. Eighth St.

MC 10, 11, 12: Apostolic Lighthouse Church, 1320 Earl Rd.

MC 13: Teamsters Union Hall, 4337 Ohio St.

MC 14, 15: Faith City Assembly, 1314 S. Woodland Ave.

MC 16, 19: Michigan City Fire Training Center, 2510 Michigan Blvd. (back of building)

MC 17, 18: Edgewood School, 502 Boyd Circle (new location)

MC 20, 21, 45: MCAS Administration Building, 408 S. Carroll Ave.

MC 22, 23: Nieman Building, 811 Royal Rd.




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  1. Carri

    Oct 21. 2020

    What are the hours you can vote?

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  2. Brian Erne

    Nov 02. 2020

    I live in Walkerton, is there early voting today?

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