This should make your day …


WNLP’s Bob Wellinski recently managed to record over time a miracle of nature.

A pair of robins had scoped out a perfect piece of real estate to build a home to raise their little ones. A light fixture near the front door of a LaPorte home provided the perfect foundation to build their home. Then mama robin laid a pair of eggs.

Watching daily from the front window, the home owner enjoyed the changes over the next couple of weeks, from watching the eggs hatch to sneeking a peek at the proud parents flying in and out with delicious worms.

Then one day, they flew the coop.










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  1. Mac n’ Cheese

    Jun 03. 2020

    Bob… those are amazing!! Very special work on your part!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Rev. Ron Brauer

    Jun 03. 2020

    Thanks, Bob, for keeping this photo-diary of these birds. I can imagine the homeowner was ‘pleased’ with the ‘calling cards’ of thanks the birds left for allowing them to lodge on his property!

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  3. LSM

    Jun 03. 2020

    Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you Bob (and homeowner for allowing him to capture these photos)!

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  4. Janet gourley

    Aug 23. 2020

    😊 you make me smile.

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