Election Board releases final primary election results; here are the tallies for county offices

The LaPorte County Election Board released Thursday afternoon the final uncertified results of the county’s 2020 primary election.  All votes, with the exception of provisional ballots, from the county’s 92 precincts have been counted.

The board will certify the results at its post-election meeting at 2 p.m. on Friday, June 12 in the LaPorte County Complex Meeting Room.

Voter turn-out for the June 2 primary was 21. 52% of the county’s 77,648 registered voters, accordimg to the board’s election summary report.

Final vote tallies for the county-wide positions are as follows (names are listed alphabetically):


Lynne F. Spevak (D) – 7,868 votes

Timothy J. Stabosz (R) – 5,127 votes

Circuit Court Clerk:

Kathleen A. Chroback (D) – 7,903 votes

Heather Stevens (R) – 5,311 votes


Mark Baker (D) – 7,643 votes

Lynn Swanson (R) – 5,492 votes

District 2 Commissioner:

Rich Mrozinski (R) – 5,323 votes

No candidate filed on the Democratic ticket

District 3 Commissioner:

Joe Haney (R) – 5,154

Vidya Kora (D) – 7,777 votes

County Council at-large (voters from each party were to vote for three candidates):

Matthew Bernacchi (D) – 4,251 votes

Earl “Coach” Cunningham (R) 3,812 votes

Connie Gramarossa (R) – 3,103 votes

Brett H. Kessler (R) – 3,377 votes

Adam Koronka (R) – 2,393 votes

James Lane (D) – 3,003 votes

Mike Mollenhauer (D) – 5,481 votes

Sean Quinn (D) – 4,142 votes

Jeff Santana (D) – 5,649 votes

Joe Smith (R) – 2, 280 votes


Lois Sosinski (D) – 7,671 votes

Elzbieta (Ela) Bilderback (R) – 2,875 votes

Timothy J. Jaycox – 2,569 votes


Anthony (Tony) Charles Hendricks (D) – 7,789 votes

No candidate filed on the Republican ticket


Ronald W. Hamilton, Jr. (D) – 3,697 votes

John Matwyshyn (R) – 5,192 votes

Joie Winski (D) – 5,172 votes

Judge, Superior Court 1:

Michael S. Bergerson (Democrat) – 7,960 votes

Jaime Oss (Republican) – 5,276 votes

Judge, Superior Court 2:

Richard R. Stalbrink, Jr. (Democrat) – 7,653 votes

No candidate filed on the Republican ticket

Judge, Superior Court 3:

Jeffrey L. Thorne (Republican) – 5,416 votes

No candidate filed on the Democratic ticket

Judge, Superior Court 4:

Greta S. Friedman (Democrat) – 7,833 votes

No candidate filed on the Republican ticket

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