Election vendor releases statement on primary vote tabulation correction

La Porte County Clerk Kathy Chroback this afternoon released a copy of a letter to her from Mike Miller, president of MicroVote, the county’s election vendor from Indianapolis. The letter reads as follows:

“During this canvassing period of the election, it was discovered that further research was needed on the mail absentee ballots for 2 precincts. We contacted LaPorte County Voter Registration Office to confirm the correct number of mail absentee ballots received by the county for each precinct. We then were able to compare the number of mail absentee ballots received by the county to the number of mail absentee ballots scanned into the vote tabulation \computer. This side‐by‐side comparison determined that the following human errors had occurred during tabulation:

 No mail absentee ballots were reported for Coolspring 3 precinct.

 Of the 46 mail absentee ballots received for Springfield 3, 44 had been scanned twice for a total of 90 ballots reported.

“How this happened:

“After completing the scanning process of Springfield 3 ballots the scanned total didn’t match the number of ballots in‐hand. When this occurs, the standard procedure is to reset the scanned ballots for Springfield 3 to zero, then re‐scan the ballots. This is the point when the error occurred. Instead of resetting Springfield 3 ballots to zero, the previously scanned ballots for Coolspring 3 were unintentionally reset to zero. Therefore the 111 scanned ballots for Coolspring 3 were no longer in the system and when the ballots for Springfield 3 were rescanned they were incorrectly being added to existing ballots for the precinct.

“The corrective action taken today was to reset the mail absentee ballots for both Springfield 3 and Coolspring 3 to zero and rescan the ballots. The final count of mail absentee ballots in Springfield 3 is 46 and for Coolspring 3 it is 111. The final county wide total of scanned mail absentee ballots is 4,848.”

— Mike Miller

4 Responses to “Election vendor releases statement on primary vote tabulation correction”

  1. Registered Voter

    Jun 10. 2020

    Time for a new election vendor. By the way, how did this company get screened as a vendor when they had to pay civil penalties to the State of Indiana for violating the election law in the past??

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    • Staff

      Jun 11. 2020

      WNLP has confirmed the above: according to the Indiana Secretary of State’s website, MicroVote was to pay $350,000-plus in civil penalties and as reimbursement for the cost of an investigation that began in April 2006. The state found almost 200 election law violations: https://www.in.gov/sos/elections/2959.htm.

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  2. Anna Marie Miller

    Jun 13. 2020

    Who has been holding this SOS office, in charge of this, and has not made the apparently necessary change of vendor? since 1998? I served as an Inspector this cycle, had no problems with the machines or people putting on this election. A mistake is a mistake in the tallying process. So I have implied a few things here, and would respectfully give the advice that gut-punching people willing to do what it takes to put on elections is non-productive. Step up, work an election polling place, run for an office, now that changes everything…

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    • Registered Voter

      Jun 13. 2020

      As a registered voter, I am voicing my concern that the people whom I vote for, or are working for the County are doing what is best for the County, such as doing their due diligence when it comes to screening vendors. I do not consider that a gut-punch but rather a concerned voter’s voice. I understand that a mistake is just that but have also seen many times that a company gets a contract because of who they know, and not because they are the best choice. Thank you the the advise but not everyone can have the luxury to take the time to work at a polling place or run for an office while holding down a job or two that barely puts food on the table for their family. They just want their vote counted.

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