Great shot: “sea of rains”


To most of us, it was a view of another “nice moon.” But Bill Power, retired La Porte High School science teacher, knew what he was looking at.

“I took this shot a few weeks ago when the moon was just past first quarter. It nicely highlights the Mare Imbrium basin near the bottom along the terminator. Mare Imbrium, or sea of rains, is a large impact site with many younger craters within its arc of debris,” he wrote WNLP.

“I used my Cannon EOS Rebel connected to an 8 inch Meade telescope.”

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  1. Rob

    Jun 16. 2020

    Thanks Mr. Powers, for a great pic
    You were my science teacher back in the mid eighties and I always liked going to your class.
    I even remember your “dont take it for granite” joke.

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