CEO Ashley Dickinson: Oct. 24 is move-in date for new La Porte Hospital

La Porte Hospital CEO Ashley Dickinson announced today that construction on the new full-service La Porte Hospital at 1331 State St. will wrap up in time for a targeted move-in date of Oct. 24.

Dickinson said the new hospital was designed for efficiency and to shave minutes off treatment by locating critical departments within steps of one another, benefitting patients. In addition, patients will have access to a primary stroke center, as well as some of the newest patient care technology available. “Patients will enjoy the advantages of the new hospital a bit earlier than expected,” Dickinson said.

“We have an outstanding contractor, subcontractors and trades,” she added. “Robins and Morton, general contractor, expects the building to be substantially complete in September, which allows us to complete staff training and move in well before the end of the year.”

Dickinson said her team is developing a plan detailing the logistics around the move to the new facility. While some non-patient care departments may begin moving in early October, she said, the biggest portion of the move will begin early on Oct. 24. The hospital anticipates all patients to be comfortably settled into the new hospital within four hours.

Tours of the new hospital will be conducted before the hospital opens. One of the first big events planned is a celebration for employees, who can bring their families to tour the new facility.

Construction on the new medical office building, which will be attached to the new hospital, will start in July. It is expected to open in third quarter 2021 and will house physician offices, sleep studies, the infusion center, wound care center and the arrhythmia center.

3 Responses to “CEO Ashley Dickinson: Oct. 24 is move-in date for new La Porte Hospital”

  1. Jennifer Cyphers

    Jun 18. 2020

    Cracks me up that La Porte Hospital has to ride on the coat tails of Beacon .. Announce✅ Break ground ✅ Build ✅ now Beacon will soon open … what do you know .. La Porte has to hurry and come up with an opening date!!

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    • Tim Darmody

      Jun 25. 2020

      Right??!!? LOL…
      AND all of this just for La Porte to now be a spoke off of CHS’s Porter hub.
      The Franciscan/Beacon joint venture is LaPorte’s new community hospital. I’m glad they’re here.

      You gotta give it up for CHS though. When they come in and take over a community-based hospital, they replace it with pretty buildings!

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  2. Kathy T

    Jun 19. 2020

    We’re looking forward to a tour on this new beautiful hospital.

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