Filming of Michael Bernacchi’s “The Farm” postponed to 2021

Filming in La Porte of “The Farm,” a psychological thriller based on the true life story of Belle Gunness, has been postponed to next year because of pandemic concerns.

Filming, originally set for the end of this month, is now scheduled for April 28 to April 30, 2021, said Coral Dorsch, of MAB Crew Productions, which is based in La Porte and has a satellite office in Santa Monica, Cal. “Ensuring the safety of cast and crew has always been our number one priority. Hopefully the C-virus will be in our rear view mirror by then,” she said.

The movie, Dorsch explained, is a psychological thriller “based on the true-life exploits of America’s most prolific female serial killer, Belle Gunness. Belle would lure unsuspecting suitors to the farm, promising them love, security and happiness. The suitors would arrive one-by-one and would all disappear never to be seen again. The calculated world of Belle Gunness began to crumble around her in the spring of 1908. On April 28 a blazing fire engulfed the Gunness farmhouse. A routine search through the ashes led to a series of horrific discoveries that remain a mystery to this day.”

The writer for the project is La Portean Michael Angelo Bernacchi, who was inspired to write the screenplay after listening to stories told to him by his grandfather, Angelo, a 19-year-old Italian immigrant, who actually peddled produce to Belle Gunness’ farmhouse. Angelo and Jenny, foster daughter of Belle Gunness, had a secretive love affair and planned on getting married. Belle had other plans.

“Directing “The Farm” is the award-winning director and nationally recognized writer, Tom Logan, DGA. Starring in the role of Belle Gunness is award-winning actress Traci Lords. The narrator for the film is the Emmy Award-winning actor, James Reynolds. The film crew consists of local and Chicagoland professionals,” Dorsch said.

La Portean and former Mayor Mark Krentz is also acting in the film.

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7 Responses to “Filming of Michael Bernacchi’s “The Farm” postponed to 2021”

  1. Paula wilson

    Jul 13. 2020

    Cool seen her house have all her souveniers. Books. I live in cal

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  2. Doug

    Jul 13. 2020

    That’s great news. Can’t wait to see the new Belle movie.
    Hopefully it’s done a lot better than the cheesy version the starred Elizabeth Hurley many years ago.
    I’ve always thought the Gunness story would have made a fantastic movie if done right by a major director.

    It’s too bad LP didn’t buy the Gunness property way back when and turn it into a tourist spot and museum. I’m sure it would have been a big hit.

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  3. Bruce

    Jul 13. 2020

    Traci Lords? The once underage porn star? I don’t know how rough she is looking these days, but there is no way she looks anything like the pics of Belle Gunness that I’ve seen over the years. I’d like to talk to the casting director on this one.

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    • Doug

      Jul 13. 2020

      I agree Bruce. I always thought Kathy Bates as Belle, and Sam Elliott as Ray would be a great fit.

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  4. lawman

    Jul 13. 2020

    agree Bruce. strange choice. saw her in a couple legit B movies-bad. what awards?? and you are right about the looks. a man would be closer looking

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  5. Diane Humphrey

    Jul 13. 2020

    This is exciting news. I wish Mike Bernacchi best wishes in getting this project up and running. I feel it will be a big success.
    Good luck my old school friend!

    Diane Humphrey

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  6. Chris

    Jul 24. 2020

    I agree with Bruce, I’d like to speak to the casting director, too.
    I’m excited that there is finally going to be a movie about Belle, but by this article the most bizarre point of it will be the casting Tracy Lords as Belle !!!! Does it have to be sold as a sexy Belle to have it be watched? Cathy Bates was perfect in “Misery” and in “Delores Claiborne”. Even Charlize Theron portraying the murderous Aileen Wuornos was believable, but she is also a tall woman who succeeded with makeup, wardrobe and great acting. Perfect casting would have been the late actress, Marjorie Maine, but today a Cathy Bates or a Cameron Manheim would at least be more realistic to reflect Belle’s structure, ancestry and part of the reason she could handle a farm, emotional manipulation, escape, and serial murder.

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