Great shot: you can bet that Mom is nearby

WNLP’s Mike Kellems came upon this fawn, grazing in a field near Pinola earlier this week.

According to the Wildlife Wildcat Center, it’s during July and August, when fawns are around 6 weeks old, that they begin to forage on their own, eating more vegetation and nursing less frequently.

“People often see fawns of this age wandering through the woods or fields, sometimes with their mother and sometimes alone. Therefore, people who encounter fawns often think they need help because they are alone and still. They do not need help and should not be touched. The best thing to do is to quietly leave the area immediately, because the doe will not return to her fawns while humans are present,” according to the center. “The doe is always within hearing distance of her fawns and will return if they call her.”

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  1. Corey

    Jul 16. 2020

    Good information and nice pic.

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