Great shot: Comet Neowise





WNLP’s Bob Welllinski enjoyed a “Friday night space shoot” last night and was able to capture images of Comet Neowise. Above, the comet makes its way over Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church on Johnson Road.

“Six thousand, eight hundred years — that’s the next time Comet Neowise will make an appearance,” Bob writes. “Comet Neowise is visible through the end of the month, with July 23 being its closest proximity to earth.  It is visible to the naked eye in the northwestern sky, just below the Big Dipper. Binoculars or telescope make viewing easier.”






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3 Responses to “Great shot: Comet Neowise”

  1. Susan

    Jul 18. 2020

    Thanks for photos, Bob. Beautiful above the church cross!!!!

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  2. Mac -n- Cheese

    Jul 19. 2020

    Awesome photo work Bob! I’ve seen a lot of folks out at night looking to catch a glimpse. You did one better!

    Ps- Mr. Powers… Bob should get an A+ for this one!

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  3. Janet gourley

    Jul 26. 2020

    thanks so much

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