La Porte City Band on pause for now with Wednesday concerts at Fox Park

     Fox Park will be strangely quiet Wednesday nights, following the cancellation of Wednesday night concerts by the La Porte City Band.
     “Cancellation due to COVID” has become a familiar refrain for many events in La Porte this summer. As for the city band, “we hope that the situation will improve and that we will be able to find a way to perform for the city of LaPorte later this year,” said spokeswoman Regina Smelser.
     Smelser said the city band was formed in 1879, and has been performing continuously since then. “This makes it one of the longest standing community bands in the nation,” she said. “Members of the band come from all walks of life, and come together because of their genuine love of music. The band plays a variety of music, from marches to overtures to Broadway and movie music.”
     The band is under the direction of  Charles Steck.
     Members of the 2020 LaPorte City Band include:
Merry Johnson, Elaine Hornyak, Sara McMahon
Mary Steck
Kathey Brannen, Shelly Sager, Elisabeth Waldburger, Luke Vasilarakos, Joe Clark, Terri Hundt, Katie Mitschelen, Mary Lee Riley, Regina Smelser, Austin Todd, Carey Scheck
Bass Clarinet
David Ratajik
Cindy Ault
Elin Boklund, Linda Machler, David Weirich, Mackenzie West
Mike Scheck, Patrick Teykl, Madison Kutch, Penny Kerr, Lona Vogie, David Knouse, Kat Yeaney, Cedric McCoy
Jen Milo, Dana Chartier, Donna Mitchell, Emily Gesino
Steve Watson, Dan Kelly, Zach Whitacre
Dennis Miller
Richard Watson, Dakota Maze
Tom Milo, Jason Milo, Lauren Teykl, Ron Hull

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