Results from the 4-H “virtual exhibition” released (part 2)

Below are the remaining results from this year’s 4-H “virtual exhibition.” Also included is a listing of La Porte County’s 59 ten-year 4-H members for 2020.

Ten-year 4-H members

Margaret Applegarth, daughter of Bill & Renee Applegarth, of Easy Riders Club

Hunter Bennett, son of Chris Bennett, of Clinton Climbers Club

Caleb Blair, son of Jerry & Reigan Blair of Scipio Sensations Club

Chloe Bronner, daughter of Michael & Jessica Bronner of Wills Future Leaders Club

Mitchell Brown, son of Jeremy & Jill Brown of Cass Champions Club

Jessica Campbell, daughter of Jennifer Neary-Kluska of Easy Riders Club

Jacob Clark, son of Sunshine Clark-Bell and Gerald Clark of LaPorte City Firestars Club

Madison Coates, daughter of David & Patricia Coates of Lincoln Hotshots Club

Walter Conner, son of Martin & Becki Conner of Cass Merrymakers Club

Kyra Dabbert, daughter of Keith & Kristi Dabbert of New  Durham 95ers Club

Reagan Daniel, daughter of Ryan Daniel of Pleasant Pals Club

Quinlan Eggert, daughter of Roger Eggert of Kankakee Ranchers Club

Noah Ford, son of Patrick & Heather Ford of Creative Clover Kids Club

Grace Frazier, daughter of Christopher and Amy Frazier of Kankakee Ranchers Club

Zachary French, son of Jennifer Barker of Lincoln Hotshots Club

Nicholas Gushrowski, son of Jerry & Kathleen Gushrowski of Coolspring Champions Club

Logan Hagenow, son of Karen Hagenow of Wagonmasters Club

Toy Hayes, son of Eric Hayes & Chris Kottka of Easy Riders Club

Alexis Hersom, daughter of Roxanne Thomas of Springfield Country Cousins Club

Nicole Hesters, daughter of David Hesters of Wills Willing Workers Club

Christopher Huhnke, son of Erik & Melissa Huhnke of Springfield Hoosier Rebels Club

Brianna Keller, daughter of Brian & Dana Keller of Scipio Sensations Club

Abigail Kemiel, daughter of Rich & Mary Kemiel of Scipio Sensations Club

Taylor Kleine, daughter of Amanda & Jack Kleine, Jr. of Dewey Advancers Club

Sage Kluge, daughter of Bruce & Deonna Kluge of Kankakee Shelby 63 Club

Amellia Klute, daughter of Johnna Klute of Easy Riders Club

Madeline Knight, daughter of Jill Knight of Easy Riders Club

Austyn Kraus, daughter of Amy Kraus of Kankakee Hustlin’ Hoosiers Club

Keegan Kubaszyk, son of Marion & Kim Kubaszyk of Scipio Sensations  Club

Mackenzie LaGard, daughter of Tammy & Rodney LaGard of The Outdoorsman Club

Jackson Langford, son of John & Katrina Langford of Easy Riders Club

Drew Lipscomb, son of Connie Lipscomb of Galena Champions Club

Mackenzie Magill, daughter of Randa & Joshua Magill of The Outdoorsman Club

Ellen Mofield, daughter of Amy Mofield and Dale Mofield of Galena Champions Club

Owen Ott, son of Dean Ott of Creative Clover Kids Club

Garrott Ott-Large, son of Shari Ott-Large of Scipio Sensations Club

Sydney Patla, daughter of Jennifer Patla of New Durham 95ers Club

Olivia Pierro, daughter of Dennis & Candice Dickinson of Kankakee Hustlin’ Hoosiers

Hannah Pittman, daughter of Cammy & Rick Pittman of Wills Future Leaders Club

Tristen Poe, son of Kellie & Joe Woods of Scipio Sensations Club

Makayla Scarborough, daughter of Nicole & Robert Hart of Kankakee Hustlin’ Hoosiers Club

Makenzie Scarborough, daughter of Nicole & Robert Hart of Kankakee Hustlin’ Hoosiers Club

Jackson Schable, son of Rob Schable of Scipio Sensations Club

Haley Sikora, daughter of Paul & Lori Sikora of Clinton Climbers Club

Trenton Smoker, son of Jeff & Angela Smoker of Clinton Climbers Club

Zoe Stoltz, daughter of Steve & Stacie Stoltz of Cass Merrymakers Club

William Stone, son of Melissa & David Stone of Happy Hounds Club

Cerena Swanson, daughter of Adina & Chaz Swanson of Easy Riders Club

David Swanson, son of Lois & Michael Swanson of Kankakee Ranchers Club

Olivia Swanson, daughter of Lois & Michael Swanson of Kankakee Ranchers Club

Sidney Swanson, daughter of Angla & Brett Swanson of Easy Riders Club

Dalton Thomas, son of Floyd Thomas, Jr. of Springfield Country Cousins Club

Averee Tuholski, daughter of Jason Tuholski of Scipio Sensations Club

Samantha Vance, daughter of Stephanie Vance of Cass Merrymakers Club

Ashley Vernon, daughter of Angela & Robin Vernon of Dewey Advancers Club

Kreg Warner, son of Gregory & Sallie Warner of Easy Riders Club

Mallory Warner, daughter of Jody Warner & Wade Warner of Easy Riders Club

Jacob Wood, son of Eric & Kelli Wood of Kankakee Ranchers Club

Morgan Wozniak, daughter of Amy & Brian Wozniak of Cass Champions Club

Remaining 4-H results:


Overall Best Female Dairy Animal –  Michael Ekovich

Junior Overall Best Female Dairy (Heifer) – William Minich

Grand Champion Ayrshire –  Kathryn Buckley

Junior Champion Ayrshire – William Minich

Junior Reserve Champion Ayrshire – Brianna Martin

Grand Champion Brown Swiss – Katherine Minich

Reserve Grand Champion Brown Swiss– Jasmine Grzesiowski

Junior Champion Brown Swiss – Brock Kessler

Junior Reserve Champion Brown Swiss – Hayden Lambert

Grand Champion Holstein – Michael Ekovich

Reserve Grand Champion Holstein – Nathan Baima

Junior Champion Holstein – Mary Minich

Junior Reserve Champion Holstein – Robyn Ekovich

Grand Champion Guernsey – Brady Kessler

Grand Champion Jersey – Matthew Duttlinger

Reserve Grand Champion Jersey – Anna Minich

Junior Champion Jersey – Nathan Baima

Junior Reserve Champion Jersey – Jillian Conrad

Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn – Blake Kessler

Ayrshire Fall Yearling Heifer

1st – William Minich

Ayrshire 4 Year Old  Cow

1st – Kathryn Buckley

Ayrshire Spring Calf

1st – Brianna Martin, 2nd – Caydenn Loetz, 3rd – Hayden Lowe, 4th – Marissa Schultz

Ayrshire Spring Yearling Heifer

1st – Garrett West

Ayrshire Winter Calf

1st – Neveah Grzesiowski

Ayrshire Winter Yearling Heifer

1st – Lillian Buckley

Brown Swiss Dry Cow

1st – Jasmine Grzesiowski

Brown Swiss Fall Calf

1st – Hayden Lambert

Brown Swiss Fall Yearling Heifer

1st – Brock Kessler, 2nd – Brayden Mannia

Brown Swiss Jr. 2 Year Old Cow

1st – Katherine Minich

Holstein Fall Calf

1st – Jillian  Conrad

Holstein Fall Yearling

1st – Robyn Ekovich, 2nd – Emilee Bird

Holstein Jr. 2 Year Old Cow

1st – Nathan Baima

Holstein Senior 3 Year Old

1st – Michael Ekovich

Holstein Spring Calf

1st – Kayla Witkowski, 2nd – Alana Witkowski, 3rd – Tori Jurkowski, 4th – Alyvia Lambert

Holstein Spring Yearling

1st – Claire Buckley

Holstein Winter Calf

1st – Mary Minich, 2nd – Jillian Conrad

Holstein Winter Yearling Heifer

1st – Nathan Baima, 2nd – Jordyn Ryan

Guernsey Senior 2 Year Old Cow

1st – Brady Kessler

Jersey Fall Calf

1st – Tyler Lambert

Jersey Fall Yearling Heifer

1st – Nathan Baima

Jersey Jr. 2 Year Old Cow

1st – Matthew Duttlinger, 2nd – Anna Minich, 3rd – Katelyn Duttlinger, 4th – Cole Jurkowski, 5th – Amy West

Jersey 3 Year old Cow

1st – Amy West

Jersey Spring Calf

1st – Jillian Conrad

Jersey Spring Yearling Heifer

1st – Mackenzie Lambert

Jersey Winter Calf

1st – Khloe Lambert

Milking Shorthorn 4 Year Old Cow

1st – Blake Kessler


Grand Champion Junior Dairy Goat – Ella Minich

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Diary Goat – Robyn Ekovich

Grand Champion Milking Doe – Jillian Conrad

Reserve Grand Champion Milking Doe – Jillian Conrad

Grand Champion Wether – Wesley Minich

Reserve Grand Champion Wether – Issac Nelson

Grand Champion Pygmy Goat – Caleb Kazmierzak

Reserve Grand Champion Pygmy Goat – Lillian Zelasko

Champion Boer – Deia Mark

Reserve Champion Boer – Mia Mark


Jillian Conrad, Robyn Ekovich, Tyler Ensign, Issac Ford, Roman Ford, Kaleb Jenkins, Kai Keehn, Madyson McShane, Ella Minich, Wesley Minich, Isabella Nelson, Issac Nelson, Emma Talbert, Owen Cole, Hannah Freitag, Caleb Kazmierzak, Jorja Kazmierzak, Hayden Lambert, Makenzi Lambert, Deia Mark, James Mark, Mia Mark, Jayden Niegos, Jordyn Ryan, Ellie Wilson, Alana Witkowski, Kayla Witkowski, Elaine Zelasko, Lillian Zelasko,

Rabbit Poster

Grand Champion – Adelyn Heidel

Reserve Grand Champion – Domynique Black

Champion Level 1 – Adelyn Heidel

Champion Level 2 – Domynique Black

Reserve Champion Level 2 – Anna  Rozinski


Adelyn Heidel, Domynique Black, Anna Rozinski


Aubree Thomas

Market Lambs

Grand Champion – Mason Neulieb

Reserve Grand Champion – Dalton Thomas

Champion Dorper – Madison Coates

Reserve Champion Dorper – Andrew Coates

Champion Dorset Market Lamb – Dontrail Williams

Reserve Champion Dorset Market Lamb – Nicolas Spence

Champion Hampshire – Hannah Freitag

Reserve Champion Hampshire – Blake Kessler

Champion Natural Color Market Lamb – Rebecca Tuholski

Reserve Champion Natural Color Market Lamb – Hayden Smolek

Champion Oxford – Piper Cushway

Reserve Champion Oxford – Rebecca Tuholski

Champion Pen of Two – Hannah Freitag

Champion Shropshire – Harlow Cushway

Reserve Champion Shropshire – Lucas Spence

Champion Southdown – Haydyn Smolek

Reserve Champion Southdown – Haydyn Smolek

Champion Suffolk – Lucas Spence

Reserve Champion Suffolk – Mason Neulieb

Champion White Face Commercial – Nicolas Spence

Reserve Champion White Face Commercial – Zoe Pressel

Champion Black Face Commercial – Mason Neulieb

Reserve Champion Black Face Commercial – Dalton Thomas

Champion Speckled Face Commercial – Nicolas Spence

Reserve Champion Speckled Face Commercial – Madison Coates

Hampshire – 3rd Jadyn Wallace-Rose, 4th Jillian Conrad, 5th Lucas Spence

Natural Colored – 3rd Madison Coates, 4th Hayden Lambert, 5th Zoe Pressel

Oxford – 3rd Andrew Coated, 4th Madison Coates, 5th Nicolas Spence

Shropshire – 3rd Piper Cushway, 4th Hannah Freitag

Suffolk – 3rd Samantha Vance

Black Faced Commercial – 3rd Madison Scarborough, 4th Samantha Vance, 5th Andrew Coates

Sheep Breeding Stock

Supreme Champion Ewe – Blake Kessler

Reserve Champion Ewe – Brock Kessler

Champion Dorset Ewe – Harlow Cushway

Reserve Champion Dorset Ewe – Blake Kessler

Champion Dorper Ewe – Brock Kessler

Champion Katahdin – Brady Kessler

Reserve Champion Katahdin – Brady Kessler

Champion Natural Color – Piper Cushway

Champion Shropshire – Hayden Smolek

Champion Southdown Ewe – Hayden Smolek

Champion Commercial – Jillian Conrad

Reserve Champion Commercial – Harlow Cushway

Champion Tunis – Blake Kessler


Grand Champion Overall – Sydney Hill – Mature Exhibition Drake

Reserve Grand Champion Overall – Sydney Hill – Young Exhibition Hen


1st – Sydney Hill – Mature Exhibition Drake

2nd – Sydney Hill – Young Exhibition Hen

3rd – Korbin Singleton – Young Exhibition Hen

4th – Kolton Saylor – Young Exhibition Hen

5th – Mackenzie LaGard – Mature Exhibition Drake


Sydney Hill, Mackenzie LaGard, Kolton Saylor, Alyssa Bennitt, Kayden Hall, Mallorie LaGard, Katelyn Peterson, Dontrail Williams, Drew Lipscomb, Kylee Saylor, Korbin Singleton, Shelby Singleton, Abigail Stimley


Drew Lipscomb, Jadyn Wallace-Rose, Dontrail Williams, Sarah Peterson, Kylee Saylor, Kolton Saylor


Grand Champion Overall – Sydney Hill – Sydney Hill

Reserve Grand Champion Overall – Sydney Hill


Sydney Hill


Champion Exhibition Bantam – Sydney Hill

Reserve Champion Class Exhibition Bantam – Sydney Hill

Champion Exhibition Standard – Drew Lipscomb

Reserve Champion Exhibition Standard – Lillian Hamilton

Exhibition Standard Class 3-A

1st – Kimberly Crawford, 2nd – Aubree Kollar, 3rd – Hailey Albertson, 4th – Drew Lipscomb,

5th – Reagan Wireman

Exhibition Standard Class 3-B

1st – Drew Lipscomb, 2nd – Violet Singleton, 3rd – Cai Lile, 4th – Sarah Peterson

Exhibition Standard Class 4-A

1st – Drew Lipscomb, 2nd – Drew Lipscomb, 3rd – Joseph Pumroy, 4th – Georgia Pumroy,

5th – Samantha Sell

Exhibition Standard Class 4-B

1st – Drew Lipscomb

2nd – Lillian Hamilton

Exhibition Bantam Class 5-A

1st – Drew Lipscomb, 2nd – Dontrail Williams, 3rd – Dontrail Williams, 4th – Nichole Brown

5th – Lindsey Brown

Exhibition Bantam Class 5-B

1st – Drew Lipscomb, 2nd – Jadyn Wallace-Rose, 3rd – Mallorie LaGard, 4th – Jadyn Wallace-Rose

5th – Dontrail Williams

Exhibition Bantam Class 6-A

1st – Sydney Hill, 2nd – Drew Lipscomb, 3rd – Jadyn Wallace-Rose, 4th – Dontrail Williams

5th – Jadyn Wallace-Rose


Hailey Albertson, Kimberly Crawford, Aubree Kollar, Drew Lipscomb, Reagan Wireman, Violet Singleton, Alyssa Bennitt, Logan Crawford, Lillian Hamilton, Brooke Perriera, Georgia Pumroy,

Joseph Pumroy, Samantha Sell, Lane Strefling, Dontrail Williams, Mallorie LaGard, Jadyn Wallace- Rose, Sidney Hill, Mackenzie LaGard


Tyler Ensign, Kaleb Jenkins, Kai Keehn, Hayden Lambert, Drew Lipscomb, Melinda Otero, Emily Peterson, Katelyn Peterson, Sarah Peterson, Georgia Pumroy, Joseph Pumroy, Abigail Stimley, Cai Lile,  Logan Albertson, Alyssa Bennitt, Lillian Hamilton, Adelyn Heidel, Landen Miller, Brooke Perriera, Lane Strefling, Jadyn Wallace-Rose


Hayden Lambert, Mackenzi Lambert, Emily Peterson, Katelyn Peterson, Sarah Peterson, Keegan Sams, Aubree Thomas, Logan Albertson, Noah Banks, Lillian Hamilton, Brooke Perriera, Dontrail Williams, Lindsey Brown, Nichole Brown, Aubrey Otero,


Sarah Peterson


Grand Champion Overall– Alyssa Bennitt

Reserve Grand Champion Overall – Drew Lipscomb


Hen Turkey – Mature

1st – Ashlyn Bennitt

Tom Turkey – Mature

1st – Alyssa Bennitt

Hen Turkey – Young

1st – Margaret Conner

2nd – Brady Kessler

3rd – Zoe Pressel

Tom Turkey – Young

1st – Drew Lipscomb

2nd – Williem Conner

3rd – Brock Kessler


Ashlyn Bennitt, Alyssa Bennitt, Margaret Conner, Brady Kessler, Drew Lipscomb


Zoe Pressel,  Willem Conner, Brock Kessler

Poultry Display Board

Grand Champion – Brady Kessler

Reserve Grand Champion – Brock Kessler

Level 1 Champion – Brock Kessler

Level 1 Reserve Champion – Jacob Wireman

Level 2 Champion – Brady Kessler

Level 2 Reserve Champion – Brooke Perriera

Level 3 Champion – Shelby Singleton


Brock Kessler, Jacob Wireman, Brady Kessler, Brooke Perriera, Shelby Singleton


Violet Singleton, Reagan Wireman, Korbin Singleton


Grand Champion  – Kayden Hall – Aged Utility Hen

Reserve Grand Champion – Kayden Hall – Aged Flying Hen

Champion Aged Utility Hen – Kayden Hall

Reserve Champion Aged Utility Hen – Zoe Pressel

Champion Aged Flying Hen – Kayden Hall

Champion Utility Cock – Kayden Hall

A- Honors

Kayden Hall, Zoe Pressel

Swine Barrow

Top Five Overall Barrow Placings:

Grand Champion Barrow – Madison Scarborough

Reserve Grand Champion Barrow – Noelle Fath

3rd Overall – Noelle Fath

4th Overall – Samantha Vance

5th Overall – Mason Neulieb

Champion Berkshire – Brock Kessler

Reserve Champion Berkshire – Krystal Hannon

Champion Chester White – Samantha Vance

Reserve Champion Chester White – Emily Tate

Champion Duroc – Brady Kessler

Champion Hampshire – Hannah Freitag

Reserve Champion Hampshire – Lucas Spence

Champion Hereford – Noelle Fath

Reserve Champion Hereford – Kyle Gorski

Champion Landrace – Allie Kraus

Reserve Champion Landrace – Elizabeth Tate

Champion Poland – Kirsten Horne

Reserve Champion Poland – Brock Kessler

Champion Spots – Noelle Fath

Reserve Champion Spots – Adelynne Gorski

Champion Tamworth – Kaleb Gorski

Reserve Champion Tamworth – Nathan Baima

Champion Yorkshire – Madison Scarborough

Reserve Champion Yorkshire – Krystal Hannon

Champion Crossbred – Mason Neulieb

Reserve Champion Crossbred – Noelle Fath

Chester White – 3rd – Elizabeth Tate

Hampshire Barrows – 3rd Cedar Stutzman

Hereford Barrows – 3rd Nicolas Spence, 4th Jaxzee Marks, Rebecca Tuholski

Spots Barrows – 3rd Tori Jurkowski, 4th Calina Deutscher, 5th Cole Jurkowski

Tamworth Barrows – 3rd Addasyn Blosser

Yorkshire Barrows – 3rd Addasyn Blosser, 4th Keeley Beecher, 5th Emily Hannon

Crossbred Barrows – 3rd Leila Hoover, 4th Kyle Gorski, 5th Madison Scarborough


Kayden Hall

Swine Gilt

Top Five Overall Gilt Placings:

Grand Champion Gilt – Mason Neulieb

Reserve Grand Champion Gilt – Kirsten Horne

3rd Overall – Madison Scarborough

4th Overall – Kirsten Horne

5th Overall – Kirsten Horne

Champion Berkshire – Kirsten Horne

Reserve Champion Berkshire – Kaleb Sample

Champion Chester White – Cedar Stutzman

Reserve Champion Chester White – Calina Deutscher

Champion Duroc – Chase Rosenbaum

Reserve Champion Duroc – Samantha Vance

Champion Hampshire – Mason Neulieb

Reserve Champion Hampshire – Drew Noveroske

Champion Hereford – Kirsten Horne

Reserve Champion Hereford – Lincoln Knoll

Champion Landrace – Tyler Lambert

Reserve Champion Landrace – Emily Tate

Champion Poland – Kirsten Horne

Reserve Champion Poland – Lincoln Knoll

Champion Spots – Kaleb Gorski

Reserve Champion Spots – Alyvia Lambert

Champion Tamworth – Kaleb Sample

Reserve Champion Tamworth – Caydenn Loetz

Champion Yorkshire – Taylor Kleine

Reserve Champion Yorkshire – Samantha Vance

Champion Crossbred – Mason Neulieb

Reserve Champion Crossbred – Madison Scarborough

Bershire Gilts– 3rd Emily Hannon, 4th Adrianne Wiegel

Duroc Gilts – 3rd Nolan Wilson, 4th Emily Hannon, 5th Jackson Wainscott

Hampshire Gilts – 3rd Madison Scarborough, 4th Nicolas Spence

Hereford Gilts – 3rd Lincoln Knoll, 4th Adelynne Gorski, 5th Nolan Wilson

Landrace Gilts – 3rd Austyn Kraus, 4th Alexis Hersom, 5th Erica Skibinski

Poland Gilts – 3rd Nicolas Spence, 4th Lane Strefling, 5th Nathan Baima

Spots Gilts – 3rd Tori Jurkowski, 4th Addasyn Blosser, 5th Dontrail Williams

Tamworth Gilts – 3rd Hannah Freitag

Yorkshire Gilts – 3rd Dalton Thomas, 4th Ashley Hannon, 5th Emily Hannon

Crossbred Gilts – 3rd Dalton Thomas, 4th Taylor Kleine, 5th Mason Neulieb

Horse & Pony Education

Grand Champion – Hallee Petri

Reserve Grand Champion – Kyra Nicholson

Champion Intermediate – Kyra Nicholson

Reserve Champion Intermediate – Marcy Petri

Champion Advanced – Hallee Petri

Reserve Champion Advanced – Eleanor Adams


Kyra Nicholson, Marcy Petri, Eleanor Adams, Corbin Jones, Hallee Petri,


Brooklyn Gogel, Levi Scoville,


Kadrin Wheeler

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