Childbirth classes slated for September

La Porte Hospital has announced that it will be offering childbirth and family care classes during the month of September.
Class sizes are limited to ensure proper social distancing and masks are required. Pre-registration is also required.

Newborn & Infant Care Class

Join our interactive class where expecting moms, dads, and their supporting friends or family can practice caring for their bundles of joy. Clinical nurse educators with La Porte Hospital’s Birthing & Family Care Center will have mannequins on hand to help review best practices for caring for babies. Topics include transition of care (skin to skin); newborn tests and procedures; newborn appearance; skin, cord, and diaper care; bathing and shampooing; gagging and choking (bulb syringe use); and proper positioning (safe sleep and tummy time). The upcoming Newborn and Infant Care Class is from 10 a.m. to noon on Sept. 5, in the second floor prenatal classroom. Register at

4-Hour Childbirth Preparation Class

This class should be taken at approximately 28 weeks of pregnancy.  Topics covered are: prelude to labor, labor, support techniques to assist the laboring mother, vaginal birth, medical procedures, cesarean sections, postpartum care, pain management options, newborn baby care, preparations for going home, and tour of the Birthing and Family Care Center at La Porte Hospital. Those attending are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.  A drink and light snack is provided. You are welcome to bring a second support person.

Classes are offered two Wednesdays and one Saturday per month. The next classes are Wednesday, Sept.  2 (accelerated) from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.; Wednesday, Sept. 16 from 4 to 8 p.m; and Saturday, Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Classes are held in the La Porte Hospital Childbirth Education and Prenatal Classroom, 1007 Lincoln Way, La Porte, Second Floor. Class sizes are limited and advanced registration is required. Register at

 Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding provides benefits to both mom and baby. Breastfeeding mothers have a decreased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, diabetes and postpartum depression. Breastfed babies have increased protection against illnesses and a lower risk of allergies, ear infections, asthma and obesity. This class will help soon-to-be parents learn what to expect with breastfeeding, how to recognize baby’s feeding cues, positioning techniques and problem-solving skills. Classes are held every month from 5 to 7 p.m. at La Porte Hospital in the Childbirth Education and Prenatal Classroom.  The next class is Sept. 2.  Class sizes are limited and advanced registration is required. Register at

Natural Childbirth Class

The natural childbirth class is for expectant parents who are interested in a non-medicated birth plan and want to use the whirlpool tubs for water labor. This class will provide physical and emotional coping techniques and strategies on how to practice hands-on comfort measures. Those attending are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and bring a support person. Classes are held monthly on the third Tuesday from 6 to 8pm. Come to the OB Unit and you will be directed to the scheduled room. The next class is Sept. 22. Class sizes are limited and advanced registration is required. Register at


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