Creator says “Sneaky Snack Attack” aims to help families in these tough times


Autumn Rogers has gotten creative in her efforts to help out families in these difficult times: she’s created the NWI Sneaky Snack Attack Friends facebook page.

“This group was created to bring happiness and some light to families, especially ones with children,” Rogers said. “With all the craziness going on in the world it was and still is a scary time for everyone. I thought this would be a good pick me up our community needed. I wanted to show there is still humanity in this world.”

She said she has formed a group in which members pick families who post on the page secretly and the group surprises them with snacks, drinks or other items. The group has helped out about 135 families with over 250 kids; however, there are still more families to help, so Rogers said she has created a fundraiser and an amazon wishlist to perhaps get the community involved.

Rogers said one instance of giving especially stands out. She had received an email from a mother who was feeling low: it was her daughter’s 12th birthday and the mom couldn’t afford to do much for her. So Rogers decided to post a quick message about the girl’s birthday and asked if anyone would be willing to donate or drive by her house for a parade. Rogers said group members responded overwhelmingly. “To make a long story short, within not even an hour later the little girl received presents, cards, candy — she was so happy.”

Items still needed include food, snacks, drinks, toys, books — and gift bags, plastic tubs or baskets in which items can be placed when they are delivered. Gift cards or cash donations are also accepted.

Rogers provided the following links:

For more information, contact Rogers at  or  at 317-448-8873.

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